Whole Formulas


Built on a simple and enduring principle of Pure Natural Living, Omved inspires and assists all, to live life in its entirety.

Purity in every aspect of creation is integral to our ethos and philosophy. It starts from sourcing the highest grade of botanical oils and extracts directly from growers and distillers around India, to ensure the purest, rare and quality active ingredients.

Our inventive extraction processes distill the plant living essences to be blended and formulated, with minimal or no heat, to maintain their raw energies. The scientific natural and organic skincare development process means that all of our products are made in small batches, to preserve freshness.

Exacting a European standard of natural skincare, our formula bases contain natural preservatives and surfactants setting us apart from other natural performance-based skin care brands.


Not only can you feel good about what our products do for your skin and spirit, but also you can feel good about their creation. All of our ingredients are fair-trade and sourced through sustainable and ethical trade. We support small communities and eco-systems from which our products evolve. We neither test on animals nor use any animal derived ingredients. We are certified cruelty-free by PETA.

All of our packaging is minimal, recyclable and mostly bio-degradable. We believe that what comes from the earth, must return to it.

It is our promise that every therapy we offer is environmentally safe, vegan, free of animal testing and made in India.


Ancient healing traditions of Ayurveda harmoniously blend with the principles of Aromatherapy. At Omved, ancient remedies underpin cutting-edge modern clinical research and development resulting into unmatched, wild-crafted therapies, authentic formulations that are result-driven and deliver outstanding benefits.


Ayurveda; over 5000 year old, holistic science carries a profound body of knowledge for understanding ourselves within the laws of nature. Each individual and all of nature are comprised of five basic elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Ether (Space). These elements uniquely shape each one of us, creating a distinct blueprint known as Dosha. There are 3 main Doshas: Vata (Air & Ether), Pitta (Fire & Water) and Kapha (Water & Earth). We are 'in balance' when we are healthy, happy, and radiantly beautiful, expressing the ration of Vata, Pitta and Kapha elements set in us at birth.

Omved products are developed in synergy with these principles to help you achieve balance and harmony at the individual Dosha level.

What's not in our products?

Silicones, Mineral Oils/Paraffin, Parabens, GM Ingredients, Phthalates, Glycols, DEA, EDTA, Acrylates, Nano, BHT, Alcohols, Synthetic Fragrances or Artificial Colours.