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Pure. Whole. Awakened. That's the meaning of the Sanskrit derived word OMVED, and it perfectly describes the values by which all of our chemical-free products and therapies are created - without compromise.

We believe in creating a life that not only look good on the outside but feels great on the inside too! Natural BEAUTY is about taking care of your whole being - a state of physical, mental and emotional health.

We are proud to have been awarded 'Innovator status' by The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics for our commitment to organics, and for helping to show that making safer products and fully disclosing ingredients can be good for all. Omved is India's first and only company to be accepted as 100% SAFE by the world's largest personal care product safety guide! When it comes to the ingredients in our products, we pride our self on our honesty, integrity and transparency.

Our belief is in health and skincare as nature intended! We have formulated our products to be -

  • Pure - highest quality & purity of botanicals, pure therapeutic grade essential oils, no fillers, no dilution, no cheap substitutes. 
  • Natural - only organic, natural, and wild-crafted botanicals, none of the 'nasties' no parabens, glycols, sulphates, synthetic colours, perfumes,
  • living - active ingredients, virgin cold pressed oils, unique heat-free raw-blending process ensures the molecular structure of the extracts remain alive and intact, preserved in completely safe and gentle preservative systems 

Our products are developed following the principles of phytotherapy using the latest cutting-edge green biotechnology. Our products are nature-intelligent, curative formulas using no chemistry or modified extracts of plants, but whole plant essences. Ingredients are taken just the way nature has balanced them so they can work with you and for you. Every product in our skincare range is at least 95% naturally derived and enriched with essential oil blends.

Each of the products contain the time-tested wisdom of Ayurveda wisdom, passed down generation after generation, that has stood the test of time. Synergistically and conscientiously blended to promote the balance of your individual dosha and unique skin type, each formulation contains ingredients that garner the energy of all 5 elements: Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

Our formulations are enhanced with Ayurvedic aromatherapy for profound sensory effects on the mind, body and senses. We use only Pure Therapeutic Grade, ethically-sourced essential oils. Our fragrances are inspired by the exotic and divine Indian rasa philosophy: using an OMVED product is always a moment of well-being and sensory delight.

We believe that animal testing and certain ingredients don't help skin thrive, they are cruel and unnecesary. Our products are AHIMSAK - i.e. non-harming to any living being and SATTVIC - infused with positive intentions. Our formulations are certified by PETA to be cruelty-free and vegan or vegetarian (only our Ayurvedic classical oil blends may contain milk).

OMVED products are ethically hand-made and produced with awareness, in small batches.

100% recyclable glass and food-grade aluminum packaging keeps our formulations pure, fresh, active and free from harmful phthalates and Bisphenol-A (BPA) while minimizing our carbon footprints. Safe for you and the Earth.

From seed to shelf, we remain true to our name, creating a good, honest product range utilising the finest, ethically sourced, pure therapeutic grade essential oils and plant actives to effectively heal and nurture.

We believe that what you leave out of a product can be as important as what you put in. Here's just a few of the ingredients you won't find in any of our products, and why:

  • No silicones - they coat skin, and impede its natural function
  • No mineral oils/paraffin - derived from petroleum, tendency to block the skin
  • No parabens - these are linked to hormonal imbalances
  • No GM ingredients - not enough is known about possible long-term implications
  • No phthalates - reported they have toxic impact on humans and animal life
  • No glycols (propylene, butylene etc.) - derived from petroleum
  • No DEA - associated with known carcinogens
  • No EDTA - (powerful metal chelator), and doesn't biodegrade readily
  • No acrylates - derived from petroleum
  • No nano - not enough is known about its long term implications
  • No BHT - linked to breathing and lung impairment
  • No alcohols (excluding fatty alcohols) - harms your skin's protective barrier
  • No synthetic fragrances - often shown to contain hormone disruptors
  • No artificial colours -increase risk of skin sensitivity and irritation

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