Vastu Windchimes

Spiritual places have always harnessed sound through bells and chimes to create harmonious environments. OMVED's Vastu windchimes work on the science that, when struck, the chiming sound activates the functioning of the right brain giving relief from the habitual logical thinking, thus de-stressing and relaxing us. Each windchime has been designed with a deep understanding of Vāstu principles and handcrafted using sacred beads, seeds and cords. A chime hung at the right place can be the source of happiness as they align with both earth energies and celestial energies and the sound it makes can de-stress and relax.

Relevance Price

AKHAND ANAND Vastu Wind Chime

Omved Akhand Anand Windchime –
₹ 2,490.00

GRAHASHANTI Vastu Wind Chime

5 elements wind chime for home
₹ 3,790.00

KSHYEM RAKSHA Vastu Wind Chime

wind chime for protection
₹ 2,350.00


wind chime for auspiciousness
₹ 2,350.00


bhandarwar for evil eye protec
₹ 11,990.00

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