Sri Yantra asana

The Omved Yantra Asana is made of 100% wool, because wo
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"Meditating on a woolen blanket brings peace and all attainments." ~ Shree Skanda Purana
The Omved Yantra Asana is made of 100% wool, because wool is a natural and is considered pure fibre. It is a remarkable insulator and is a preferred mat that is suitable for meditation and japa. It also protects against the cold from seeping into your body which could lead to joint pains, chills and aches, besides taking your concentration away from the ritual practice you are engaged in.

Embedded in the four corners of this yantra asan are four copper Shree Yantras, who is known as the King of all vedic power symbols. It is one of the most ancient symbols, used for many millennia to invoke good fortune, wealth, health, and as an aid for meditation. It has the power to draw the energy of the universe and thus any meditation done while being surrounded by this yantra is extremely powerful and energised.

A woolen 'asan' is also safer while doing hawans or lighting lamps and agarbattis. The sparks that fly will only singe the wool and not cause a fire, as wool does not burn.

Top quality natural yarn fibers, dyed pure wool blend. Hand sewn trim in cotton. Approx. 24" x 22". Packaged in a gossamer organdie (organza) drawstring bag to preserve the subtle vibrations of your contemplation practices.

You can use the asan by placing on top of a cushion, pillow, rug or mat or directly on floor. A cloth can be placed on the mat before sitting on it or one can sit directly on it too. Clean with damp cloth when needed or hand wash gently with mild soap. Dry on a flat surface and not on a clothing line.
CAUTION: Do not bleach, dry clean, machine wash or tumble dry. These may damage your asana.

Ancient scriptures state that by doing Japa without sitting on an Asana (a seat/mat), one attains no fruit. Apart from protection from cold or heat and giving comfort to the body, the most important function was to conserve the energy produced during meditation and to not allow the earth’s gravity to pull it down. The second reason was the earth or ‘bhumi’ was regarded as the 'mother'.
The 'aasan' thus acted as a layer between the mother and her grown-up children and maintained the sanctity of the relationship.
The Omved hand crafted asanas will preserve your subtle energies and enhance your meditation, prayer or healing. They are scripturally correct and hand made with love and attention to create a sanctuary for years to come.

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