Shuddhi - Purify - Handmade Neem & Tulsi Soap

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A 100% natural, antifungal, antibacterial and antiseptic soap with Neem & Tulsi to protect and cleanse the skin to keep it radiant and healthy. It is best for Acne & Oily Skin as it cleanses excess oil without stripping away the skin’s natural moisture.
- Nourishes, purifies and protects the skin
- Antifungal, Antibacterial and Antiviral in nature
- Chemical-free – No parabens or sulfates
- 100% Natural ingredients – Tulsi Extracts, Neem Oil, Castor Oil, Aloe Vera, Olive Oils & more

Get rid of acne and spots, with antiseptic, antibacterial Neem-Tulsi Soap

Our modern lifestyle rarely allows us to take care of our skin as we'd love to. So eventually, our skin has to bear the brunt of pollution, stress and harsh climates which lead to issues such as acne, itching, blemishes, dryness etc.

Thanks to Ayurvedic wisdom, today we know that Neem and Tulsi are known for their immense benefits for the skin. For instance, their antibacterial and antiseptic properties can amazingly protect and cleanse your skin. These extremely beneficial herbs can help you get a skin that’s radiant and healthy.


It has wide-ranging medicinal properties especially applicable to the skin such as being antibacterial, antiviral and disinfectant in nature. Neem oil is well known for its ultra-purifying effect on the blood and the skin. It can deftly combat all kinds of skin infections and inflammation. It helps to cleanse and heal external wounds, scars, and acne. It helps to prevent fungal infections, cellulitis, boils, warts, scabies, and many other skin disorders. In fact, Neem is the choice of drug for almost all skin disorders in Ayurvedic medicine.


Holy Basil exerts a purifying action on the skin. It is an excellent blood purifier. It deep cleanses the skin tissues. It naturally cures pain, edema, and inflammation. Holy Basil has an anti-venom property. Daily application of Holy Basil on the skin helps to make skin immune to all kinds of external toxins in the environment. Tulsi is truly beyond comparison with regards to skincare benefits!

More than Neem & Tulsi

There’s more to Shuddhi than just the goodness of Neem & Tulsi. OMVED Purify Shuddhi Neem and Tulsi Soap is a powerful combination of skin-loving herbs, moisturizing aloe vera, castor oil, olive oil, plant-based glycerine and essential oils that protect your skin, nourish it and help it detoxify.

Best for People on the Go!

Since Shuddhi effectively cleanses, protects & moisturizes the skin, it is a ‘do-no-harm’ soap for people on the go, especially men who bear the brunt of pollution every day.

In fact it is best suited for skin concerns such as acne, itching etc. Since many of us travel constantly, we have to deal with pollution, grime and dust which give rise skin problems such as acne, itching etc. To cleanse our face, we normally use soaps that are acidic in nature and leave a damaging drying effect on the skin.

But Shuddhi Soap is a blessing for frequent travellers due to its wonderful combination of oils of olive, castor, and neem, which help cleanse the skin without stripping away its natural moisture. As a result, it leaves no drying effect on the skin even after extensive frequent usage.

Magical Herbs known across the world

Both Neem and Tulsi are known for their amazing properties for the skin and are known by multiple names not just in India but across the world –

Indian Lilac & Holy Basil

Nimb - the one that strengthens the health, Pichumard - destroyer of leprosy/skin disorders, Arishta - the one that never harms the body
Tulsi (Beyond comparison), Sursa (the one that belongs to Gods/Divine), DevDundubhi (Divine correspondent)

Indian Language Name International Language Name
Hindi Neem & Tulsi Spanish Margosa & Santa Albahaca 
Bengali Nim & PabitraPudina French Margousier & Basilic
Tamil Vembu & Tulsi Arabic Azad-daraknul-hind & Alriyhanalmuqadas
Telugu Nem & Tulsi    
Punjabi Nīma & Tulsi


Hindi: Neem & Tulsi

Bengali: Nim & PabitraPudina

Tamil: Vembu & Tulsi

Telugu: Nem & Tulsi

Punjabi: Nīma & Tulsi

Foreign Languages:

Spanish: Margosa & Santa Albahaca

Arabic: Azad-daraknul-hind & Alriyhanalmuqadas

French: Margousier & Basilic

Purest of Ingredients

This 100% natural aromatherapy soap is a mild and gentle bath bar that beautifies your skin and adds a glow to it.

It contains –

Saponified Oils of Olive (Oleaeuropaea)

Vegetable and Castor (Ricinuscommunis)

Retained and added plant-based glycerine

Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis)

Cold-pressed Neem oil (Azadirachtaindica) and Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum) extract

Tulsi leaves (Ocimum tenuiflorum)

A unique blend of these herbs provides a comprehensive solution to all kinds of skin types. They contain an incredible range of medicinal and cosmetic properties that protect and nourish the skin naturally.

Goodness of Natural Oils

Olive oil – Olive oil has been the most prescribed oil for radiant skin in Ayurveda. Olive oil is also a great disinfectant and a natural wound healer. Olive oil is known to reduce the risk of skin tumors. It helps to heal the burns and inflammatory skin infections. It is a perfect ingredient as the base of the soap as it preserves the qualities of the herbs like neem, tulsi and Aloe Vera, and ensures that skin receives their maximum benefits.

Castor oil – Castor oil is one of the most preferred oils for Vata dosha imbalance in the body and the skin. It is hot in temperament. Castor oil has a rapid and deep cleansing action on the skin tissue. It quickly penetrates the skin layers and works from the core. It is effective in all kinds of skin disorders. It is especially beneficial for the dry Vata skin. It effectively helps to prevent dryness, itching, scar formation, and early skin aging.

Castor oil performs an excellent function in the form of the base of Shuddhi soap. It forms the perfect carrier for all other herbs due to its deep penetrating power. Castor oil is the ingredient that makes sure that the best of all the herbs is actually received and retained by the skin. It is because of Castor oil that the daily regular use of Shuddhi soap produces an incremental and constant improvement in the skin health!

Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera is called GhritKumari in Sanskrit. It is cool, heavy, oily in temperament. It helps to balance Kapha and Pitta dosha in the body and the skin. According to Ayurveda, Aloe Vera prevents edema and inflammation due to its cooling property. It is a great pain relieving and wound healing properties. It is antiseptic in nature. It is a very good blood purifier and helps to maintain blemish-free skin.

Cold-pressed Neem oil - The name Neem is derived from the Sanskrit name of the tree – Nimb, which means ‘the protector of the health’. Neem is the protector of the health in its truest sense with its wide-ranging medicinal properties. Neem is cool and light in nature. It helps to balance primarily Kapha and Pitta.

Holy Basil – Holy Basil is a revered plant in Hindu traditions. It is called Tulasi in Sanskrit, which is derived from the word ‘Tulna’ (comparison). The word ‘Tulsi’ means the one beyond comparison. Tulsi is light and hot in temperament. It is supposed to have a special effect – Krimighna (the destroyer of germs). It is antifungal, antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-pyretic and prevents all kinds of infections in the body.

Good for All

This combination of herbs is beneficial for all kinds of Ayurvedic skin types. The Shuddhi Soap offers each skin type the benefit that it requires.

For Baby: No soap should be used for the infants (newborn to 6 months old). For babies above the age of 6 months, Shuddhi soap is a great option. Neem and Tulsi help to protect the vulnerable baby skin from all types of skin infections and allergies. Castor oil helps to prevent the drying effect that other harsh chemical based soaps may have on the children skin. Aloe vera helps to retain the natural moisture and olive oil preserves the natural glow of the baby skin. Shuddhi soap has no harmful ingredients and can be safely used for 6 months old babies, toddlers and children.

Note: It is important to test the tolerance for any new product on children. If you are using any Soap for the first time, please apply the soap on the right hand and wash away with normal water. Use the soap the next day onwards for the bath.

For the Millennial: Each phase of age is dominated by one dosha at a time. Adolescent and youth is the time when Pitta dosha is prominent. Pitta dosha naturally bestows the youth with a great digestion, riddance from cough, cold and other Kapha disorders (prevalent in childhood), vigour and better discerning power. However, imbalanced pitta might unleash greater havoc during this phase. This is reason why youth have a greater propensity to develop skin problems like acne, rashes, freckles, skin allergies etc. Neem and Tulsi present in Shuddhi soap help to purify the blood and balance Pitta dosha. Aloe vera is one of the choicest herbs for pacifying the fiery effect of pitta dosha. Thus Shuddhi soap is a great choice for young people.

For Matured Skin: As pitta dosha dominates the youth, middle age onwards, Vata dosha dominates the body. This is the reason why we find drier skin, more tendency towards body pain and digestive disorders in mature people. Castor oil present in Shuddhi soap helps to balance the Vata. It prevents wrinkles and early aging. Aloe vera moisturizes the skin. Aloe vera is also instrumental in preventing pigmentation, age spots, scars, fine lines and other signs of aging. Neem and Tulsi ensure better blood circulation. Overall, Shuddhi soap helps to prevent the deteriorating effect of Vata dosha on the body.

Perfect for every Dosha

According to Ayurveda, the human body is made up of five distinct elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. Every individual is born with a unique Prakriti, which is a combination of these elements and known as these three Doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Know your Dosha by taking this quick test here.

Special Prakriti-based Benefits

This combination of herbs is beneficial for all kinds of Ayurvedic skin types. Shuddhi Soap offers each skin type the benefit that it requires.

Vata skin – Vata skin is has a tendency towards dryness, itching, and roughness. Harsh soaps can do immense damage to your delicate Vata skin. The abundance of oils like olive oil, castor oil and neem oil in Shuddhi soap nullify the drying effect completely. Castor oil is the best remedy for the Vata skin. It helps to balance excess Vata and provides a safety layer to the skin. Due to its natural tendency towards dryness, Vata skin is extremely vulnerable to various skin infections. Neem oil helps to prevent skin infections and enhances the blood supply to the skin. Aloe Vera enriches the moisture in the dry Vata skin and makes it soft and supple. Holy Basil provides the heat and maintains the ideal temperature for the coldish Vata skin. Olive oil helps to maintain even skin tone in Vata skin. Thus all the ingredients come together to bring a complete package for the most vulnerable Vata skin.

Pitta skin – Pitta skin is the hot skin type. It is prone to inflammation, edema and early aging. Olive oil, neem oil, Aloe Vera and Holy Basil help to prevent any kind of inflammation and edema in the skin. Pitta skin tends to develop wrinkles, scars, and marks rapidly. Aloe Vera is instrumental in slowing down the formation of wrinkles and overall skin aging. Pitta skin can be most seriously affected by any kind of skin disorder. It is more susceptible to acne. Neem oil is the best blood purifier that helps the Pitta skin to prevent the complications of any skin disorder. Neem oil, Holy Basil and Aloe Vera are great herbal ingredients to prevent acne and similar disorders. With their cool temperament, Neem and Aloe Vera also help the fiery Pitta skin to cool down and manage an optimal temperature. Aloe Vera slows down the burning –fast metabolism of the Pitta skin and helps to prevent excessive sweating and unpleasant odour.

Kapha skin – Kapha skin is a lazy skin type. It is slow and steady, in fact, the best type of skin to have! Shuddhi oil offers best benefits to a Kapha skin in the form of the combination of neem and Holy Basil and castor oil. Kapha skin has a slower metabolism as compared to the other types. Because of its slow metabolism. Hot castor oil helps to accelerate the Kapha skin metabolism and enhances the blood supply to the external layer of the skin. Castor oil also strengthens the nervous system and eliminates the tendency of numbness and tinkling in the Kapha skin. Neem oil prevents skin infections and disinfects the Kapha skin. Holy Basil de-clogs the skin pores and helps the Kapha skin to breathe free. Olive oil brightens the dullish Kapha skin.


Can it be used for acne?

Yes it can! Acne can be caused to various reasons due to the pores of the skin getting clogged with oil and dead skin cells. Stress, diet and pollution can be major contributors too. So it is important to cleanse your face regularly using a mild soap such as Shuddhi that not only effectively cleanses but also doesn’t strip away your skin’s natural moisture. Shuddhi also contains aloe vera which is known as an effective remedy for acne.

Can I use it for Pigmentation/Spots, Wrinkles?
Of course you can, just follow these simple steps:

  • Take adequate amount of warm (for Vata and Kapha prakriti)/normal(for pitta prakriti) OMVED Sweet Almond Oil 
  • Apply the almond oil and gently massage in a circular motion over the wrinkled/ dry/loss skin.
  • Dab the massaged skin with a warm towel. Avoid direct use of steam/hot water.
  • Wash off with Shuddhi Soap using normal water.

How do I acquire a better skin tone with the help of Shuddhi?
For Oily Skin:

For Dry Skin:

  • Massage the dry skin with OMVED Sweet Almond Oil for 5-10 min before bath.
  • Steam the body using mild steam for 1-2 min.
  • Wash off with Shuddhi Soap, using normal water.

Shuddhi Purify Handmade Neem & Tulsi Soap is for everyone! It provides the ultimate ‘shuddhi’ or purification for all kinds of skins. The soap contains no harmful chemicals such as parabens, sulphates, synthetic fragrances or any toxic additives whatsoever, that can damage the skin. It is a handmade soap with the benefits of natural oils and never causes any kind of skin irritation. Therefore, Shuddhi is an ideal choice for the people who want nothing less than the best for their skin!

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