SHIKHAR Incense Burner

stoneware for inverted burning
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Enjoy a fragrance of bliss with this inverted tower incense burner that holds your incense sticks vertically albeit upside down whilst covering them when they burn. The sticks are held in place by the shape and structure of the inner lid.

Since hot air rises up, the smoldering of incense in this manner allows for slower burning and a more effective dispersing of aroma. The intricate carvings on the holder allow the wafting aroma to come from the openings while the ash collects in the bottom and can be easily disposed of.

This holder can hold up to three incense sticks giving you the liberty to mix and match incense fragrances to create your unique aroma or to strengthen the smell of your favourite one by burning three of the same.

Hand-crafted from stoneware and glazed with lead and cadmium free glazes

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