SHANTAM Peace Audio CD

blissful instrumental music
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A compilation of blissful instrumental music to balance your body, mind and soul. The Shantam - Peace audio CD helps you to enjoy inner-peace and enhanced feelings of well-being, as you feel one with the universe.

Specially compiled by Art of Living for Omved, this is a collection of soul stirring music, including Sahil jagtiani's famous Gaupriya and Vrindavan, fusions of Indian and Western elements.

The songs in the CD will deeply relax and uplift you and the mantra intention for this CD is "Sarvesham shantir bhavatu", which means may peace be unto all.

Playlist -

1) Gaupriya

2) Vrindavan

3) Amrit

4) Home Coming

5) Reflections

6) Angels

7) Creations

8) Dew Drops 

9) Ocean Mist

10) Sur Bharti

11) Ethnicity

12) Desert rain

13 Flute solo

14) Narayan Narayan Jaya

15) Hari Hari Hari Narayan Om

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