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Hibiscus Brahmi Hair Mask

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Power-packed nourishment that helps soothe troubled scalp and restore volume to dull and lifeless hair! This nourishing Hibiscus Brahmi Hair Mask hair is enriched with goodness of hibiscus, pomegranate, fenugreek, Brahmi and Amla to nourish your hair.
- Prevents hair fall and effective against dandruff
- Hibiscus flowers promote hair growth, stop hair fall and delay premature greying
- Brahmi provides nourishment and gives hair a healthy shine
- Vitamin C-rich Amla strengthens the hair roots

  • Omved's hibiscus Brahmi hair mask contains power-packed nourishment for your hair and scalp as it is enriched with the goodness of hibiscus, pomegranate, fenugreek, Brahmi, and amla.
  • Restores volume - this 100 percent natural formula with botanicals helps restores the volume of dull and lifeless hair but soothes the scalp too.
  • Proprietary formulation - a unique blend of Brahmi, hibiscus and anti-oxidant pomegranate seeds promotes hair growth, stops hair fall and delays premature greying too.
  • Usage - it is advisable to use at least once a week to promote healthy and shiny hair that is strong from the roots.

Now get regular power-packed nourishment for your hair and scalp.

Omved's hibiscus Brahmi hair mask not only restores the volume of dull and lifeless hair but soothes the scalp too. This 100 percent natural and organic nourishing hair packs the goodness of hibiscus, pomegranate, fenugreek, Brahmi, and amla.

Go ahead, indulge in this pack for your hair as it helps stimulate circulation, deeply conditions and restores strength and elasticity from root to tips. You will notice it makes your hair soft and lustrous.

  • The healthy hair pack prevents hair fall and clears dandruff too. Contents that promote good hair health:
  • Hibiscus flowers are known to promote hair growth, stop hair fall and delay premature greying.
  • Pomegranate seeds that are anti-oxidant in nature safeguard hair against the sun and harsh environmental elements.
  • Brahmi provides nourishment, softens, gives hair a healthy shine and delays premature greying.
  • Amla that is rich in vitamin c strengthens the hair roots. Fenugreek encourages hair growth and stops hair fall.

Use at least once a week to promote healthy and shiny hair.

Hibiscus petals (Rosa sinensis), Amalaki fruit (Emblica officinalis), Yashtimadhu root (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Brahmi leaf (Centella asiatica), Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum), Neem (azadirachta indica), Bhringraj (eclipta alba), Areetha (sapindus mukorossi), Kalonji (nigella sativa), Dadim chhal/ Pomegranate (punica granatum), Karpoora (cinnamomum Camphora), Nirgundi (vitex negundo linn), Anantmul (hemidesmus indicus), Jatamansi (nardostachys jatamanmsi).

100% natural, with no added fillers, no chemicals, preservatives or artificial colours are used.

This product has been certified as a proprietary Ayurvedic medicine.

100% biodegradable formula and easily recyclable packaging.

Mix with water (normal/oily hair) or yoghurt or Aloe Vera gel (dry hair) into a paste. Part hair into sections and apply onto scalp. Massage gently into scalp. Wrap a towel, moistened with hot water, on your head for deeper conditioning. This will open up pores and enhance penetration to the hair follicle.

Leave in for 15 to 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Use twice a week for best results. Follow with a natural Omved shampoo and conditioner.

Tip: If you find the Ayurvedic herbal smell too strong, you can add crushed coffee powder. It lends gloss to the hair and adds aroma.

Caution: Initially, there may be hairfall. Do not be alarmed, these are dead hair shafts. Regular use will promote healthy hair growth.

Existing reviews
Before writing a review I made sure that I have used this product at least a couple of times. So, I have used this 6 to 7 times in last two months. And yes it works. Of course you need to be patient with Ayurveda. I use this with curd (dahi) and water. Definetly try it.
From: Tejaswini | Date: 3/6/2017 11:23 AM
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Amazing Hair Mask - Works Wonders Over Frequent Us
I have quite dry & damaged hair and summers are even more merciless on my hair:( I tried this hair mask for the first time and despite of being a dry product it worked amazingly and made my hair feel soft & fresh. I have used it 34 times now and must admit the formula is too good and it makes my hair feel excellent! Must have product upto me :)
From: Lakshmipriya | Date: 5/1/2017 10:40 PM
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Must Buy
It does what it says. Amazing product.
From: Prachi | Date: 7/18/2017 8:44 PM
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My hair is so much softer and visibly healthier...
From: Suar | Date: 4/19/2018 9:59 PM
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