Sushwasa Breathe Easy Room Freshener

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A blocked nose or congestion needs more than just rest. Try this revitalising blend of Chamomile, Peppermint and Eucalyptus in the Sushwasa Breathe Ease mist that works wonderfully to decongest and ease breathing.

Aromatic oils in a base of pure water create a light, natural mist that infuses the air with the comforting aroma-therapeutic essences of pure essential oils to soothe the mind and the soul.

Nidra mist is a blend of pure water with the essential oils of Tulsi, Lavender, Jatamansi and Vetiver to ease fatigue and promote relaxation.

Net contents: 100 ml

The Nidra Sleep Sound spritz can be enjoyed in various ways:

Spray on a pillow or sheets: Spray on a pillow or sheets to let the unique blend of the relaxing oils ease the mind and promote a blissful sleep. The calming fragrance also helps to lessen the fatigue and stress levels while freshening the surroundings.

Spray on linen, towels, furniture, and clothing: Use the spray on your clothes just before ironing them to give it a fresh and crispy clean feeling. The application of the hot iron helps to infuse the scent into the fabric ensuring that the aroma will be long-lasting.

Use as a room spray: When used as a deodorising room spray, it will give a pleasing scent to rooms without being too overpowering.

Existing reviews
Fab decongestant for kids and adults too !
I have used this mainly for my twin boys when they are down with a congestion or a cold. The minty fragrances in this mist leaves a lingering aroma in their bedroom and it helps them breathe well. You can also spray it on the pillows and sheets that they use to cover themselves. Use this with the Sushwasa blended oil in the diffuser and the roll on for faster relief.
From: Pratibha | Date: 9/1/2017 10:48 AM
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