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Room Freshener

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Nidra Sound Sleep Mist

Soothes Tired Nerves & Relaxes, Delicate Aroma of Tulsi, Calming Lavender, Jatamansi & Vetiver – 100ml

Sushwasa Breathe Easy Mist Spray


Infuse a breath of fresh air in your vicinity with our aromatic mists

Experience the power of aromatherapy at its best with OMVED’s essential oils air fresheners. If you’re bothered by the inability to get sound sleep, joint pains or congestion, why not try our range of mists and sprays that can aid you while freshening up any room or environment. Specially created using delicate aromas of 100% natural herbs such as Tulsi, Lavender, Chamomile, Peppermint and more, these room mists help you unwind and offer lasting relief.

These natural room fresheners consist of aromatic oils in a base of pure water to create a natural mist that infuses the air with therapeutic essences of essential oils.

Depending upon the concern, you may either spray it on a pillow, linens, bedsheets or handkerchief or even use it as a room deodorizer.