Other companies promise you breakthrough chemicals and overnight results. Omved simply promises you "PureIndia".

Handmade products and therapies that don't come from 24 hour factories, wonderfully effective herbal therapies that our customers love and swear by, in aroma, health, skin and hair.

What goes into these therapies? Only the highest grade of botanical oils and extracts from the heart of India. We always source directly from growers and distillers, ensuring the purest, rare and quality active ingredients that transform into the wonderful natural healing therapies of Omved.

While firmly believing in India's doctrine of Ahimsa (look for the anti-cruelty Bunny icon behind our products), keeping all our therapies Vegan and life affirmative.

We're proud to bring you India,

Pure India


Chances are you too, like us, find joy in using natural ingredients, believe in Ahimsa (non-violence), not harming the environment for your profit. Then it's time to wear the #pureindia badge proudly.

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