PALM WAX Tealight Candles

12 parrafin free natural votives
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Palm Wax tealight candles are natural alternative to paraffin based tea lights! These non polluting safe candles are a safe and natural alternative for those who prefer not to burn conventional paraffin candles with their toxic petroleum ingredients.

Popularly used with our line of oil burners and diffusers (since they produce very minimal smoke), these hand poured unscented tea lights are made from 100% palm wax, have lead free cotton wicking and are housed in 100% recyclable aluminium cup.

These are specially made for burning indoors. Remember you breathe what you burn!

Made from handpoured 100% palm wax in aluminium cups with lead-free cotton wicking, each candle measures 3.7 inches in diameter with an average burn time of 2 to 2 1/2 hours. Each package has 12 tealight candles. Wax weight in each candle is 9 grams.

NO crude oils, petroleum or toxic chemicals, burning cleaner and longer. Eco-friendly. No animal testing.

Remove all packaging and place candle on heat resistant surface. Light the candle to place under the oil burners and diffusers.
Caution: Keep burning candles out of drafty areas as drafts will cause candle to burn unevenly and smoke. Never leave a burning candle unattended. 

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