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Our Purpose

Somewhere between spa products and pharmacology, you will discover Omved. Pure bottled therapies that don't just smell and feel good but actually work to heal.

We are creating a synergy of balance, purity and healing for the lightning pace of the 21st Century world. Welcome to Ayurveda's future.

Design Promise

We create natural, holistic, effective sensorial therapies. We make no product that does not genuinely improve well-being. Each of our products must be born out of compassion.

Functional Promise

Each of our bottled therapy is a blend of 'Rastantra' aromatic healing, Ayurvedic medicine and Yogic wisdom. Reviving and sustaining a legacy of over 5,000 years of Vedic tradition.

Emotional Promise

We help you find your pure self. We help you develop your natural potential. We equip you to live life to the fullest.

Relationship Promise

Every engagement is for the long-haul. No short-cut solutions, no short-term focus. We are invested in the long-term wellness of our customers - Omvedians.