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For thousands of years buckwheat hull pillows have been recognized as an environmental friendly and orthopedically healthy sleep support. A buckwheat pillow not only prevents or eases neck, shoulder and back aches and pains while you sleep but also eliminates allergens from your pillow.

How we make our pillows

Not all buckwheat pillows are the same. 


• PREMIUM QUALITY HULLS: We use the highest quality ‘full’ not flattened hulls, grown without the use of harsh chemical and pesticides.


• CLEAN: We run the hulls several times through the dust ventilator, thus separating almost all dust particles, buckwheat flower residue and all foreign matter. This dramatically reduces the chance of dust mites and other allergens.


• UNBLEACHED COTTON COVER: Every pillow is made of a natural cotton case, double seamed to counter the heavy weight of the hull filling and to prevent a wear-out. 

• ZIPPERED: This gives you the ability to adjust the size to your individual needs by removing or adding back filler so the pillow fits you just right.


• NECK PILLOW: An unique design with built-in neck-roll provides better and consistent neck support than standard buckwheat pillows               


Besides the orthopaedic reasons buckwheat pillows are recommended by chiropractors, massage therapists and physiotherapists to aid in: sleeplessness, allergies, reduce headaches, migraines, snoring, TMJ syndrome, cervical and lumbar subluxations, sleep apnea, etc. 


One pillow that includes a quilted cotton casing. 

Pillow weight : 1kgs. 

Some advice on how to use your pillow:


• May take a little getting used to because the hulls rustle a bit inside the pillow as you move your head. In some cases this can take up to 2 weeks.

• Customise your pillow by removing (if needed) hulls to adjust to your own body size and comfort level.

• If the smell of the hulls disturb you, try spraying some of our aromatherapy mists.



Pillow case is machine washable. Hulls are not washable. If hulls become soiled or wet they should be replaced. Set the buckwheat hulls once in awhile, in strong sunshine to freshen. 


Omved’s BuckWheat Pillow is made from buckwheat hulls and the cover is made of 100% organic cotton. The pillow cover is removable and washable. The Buckwheat Hull fill conforms to the shape of the body to provide a solid support for the neck, spine and shoulder. The cover has a zipped opening that allows you to adjust the firmness and height of the cushion.

Normal Vs Buckwheat pillow – What’s the difference?

Normal pillows are filled with cotton or synthetic fabric that do not let your neck muscles relax. This can misalign the spine. Most store bought pillows can contain one or more of the following chemicals/preservatives: formaldehyde, UV inhibitors, antifungal agents, stabilizers and plasticizers. You breathe in these chemicals every single night you use the pillow. Once you discard the pillow, it will also contribute to a landfill that can cause an additional pollution.

Buckwheat hull pillows have a longer shelf life of up to 15 years if maintained well. When you want to discard the pillow, the hulls can be uses to make compost too.

What is Buckwheat?

Buckwheat is a plant that belongs to the rhubarb family and is cultivated for its grain-like seeds.  Once the plant matures, it goes through a cleaning process.  The hull that is obtained from the plant is a triangular shaped cup that covers the seed which is inside the pillow. 

Do buckwheat hull pillows make a rustling sound?

Yes, since the hulls move against one another, there is a hustling noise when you use the pillow when you change positions to find a comfortable spot.

How long does it take to get used to?

The maximum duration is week according to the feedback we have received from customers who use the pillow. It could take lesser time too. The pillow helps you to change your sleeping position drastically by providing it the needed support. A buckwheat hull pillow helps to align the head, neck and spine in the proper position which helps muscles relax.

How do I use a buckwheat hull pillow?

Fluff the pillow towards the centre and place your head on the centre. Our pillow has a separate portion that allows you to rest your neck on it without feeling uncomfortable. Pull the pillow towards your shoulders and place your head on it.  

How long will our buckwheat pillows last? OR What is the shelf-life of the pillow?

Approximately anywhere between 10-15 years if you maintain it in accordance to the instructions we provide with the cushion.

How do I adjust the buckwheat fill?

Our pillows have zippers that give you the access to remove the hulls. The amount of hull in the pillow has been weighed and added keeping in mind the average requirement. If you find the pillow high, remove some of the hulls and store it a bag. Unzip the cover and use a scoop to take out the hulls.

How do I clean my buckwheat hull pillow?

  • Place the hull pillow in direct sunlight for at least 2 hours once in 3 months to remove traces of dust in the hulls.
  • Our pillow covers come with a zipper so you can take out the hulls and wash the pillow cover by turning it inside outside.

Where can you find our buckwheat pillows?

You can buy it from here or our website.

Do we carry pillow covers in different colours?

Our basic theme is white and till now we have not experimented with any other colours.

Can I machine wash the pillow cover?

Yes you can machine wash the pillow cover, but do not tumble dry it. Hang dry outside so that it dries in the sun.  If you can hand wash the pillow cover for longevity of the fabric

Can the pillows get infested with bugs or fungus?

If you spill water or wet the pillow with the hulls in it accidentally, keep it under natural sunlight to dry. If you are not using the pillow and storing it ensure that you freeze the pillow once a month as a preventive measure. This is more applicable if you live in cities that are high in humidity..

Can I use the pillow as a hot therapy?

Not recommended to heat the pillow as it can burn the hulls.


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