BAMBOO Botanical Bedset

Organic Herbal Dyed Bamboo Cotton flat sheet and pillow
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Using an ancient Ayurvedic method of herbal dyeing this organic bamboo cotton bedset is not only amazingly soft and tender against your baby's skin but also completely safe and healthy for your baby. Natural dyes in our baby bedset are derived from plants, fruits and flowers indigenous to India. We use the finest bamboo yarn giving our sheets an incredibly super light and an incomparably ultra-soft feel.

Considering your little one spends most time nestled in bed, several factors make this an ideal choice, in comparison to cotton:

* temperature regulating - warmer in winter and cooler in summer

* more breathable

* natural moisture wicking properties (absorbs water 3 - 4 times better than cotton)

* naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal properties (ideal for baby's, sensitive & eczema-prone skin)

* are less susceptible to odours

Omved bamboo bedset is a blend of 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton. It is naturally dyed with coconut husks.

Size -  flat crib sheet size: 150cms x 140cms

pillow case size: 15 inches x 10 inches 

 We use the finest bamboo yarn which gives our bedsheets an incredibly super light feeling and an incomparable ultra soft feel. Our bamboo fabric is 300 thread count construction. (equals to about a 1000 thread count fine cotton sheet as bamboo yarn is much finer than cotton yarn).

Washing Instructions:

Hand wash only with natural detergents and hang to air dry.          

Machine wash in cold or warm water using a natural detergent on the gentle setting. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners as they are neither needed  nor recommended.

Tumble dry on medium heat on a delicate setting. Before placing in dryer, snip any loose threads.  Do not dry clean.

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