Nursing Breast Compress - Gel Free Breast Pack

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For New Moms – 100% Natural Premium Flaxseeds – Gel Free – Chemical Free
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  • HEALING PROPERTIES - Omved’s 100% Natural Breast Compress is a safe, gel-free breast pack which provides long lasting comfort and heals faster.

  • REDUCES SWELLING - When it is used as a cold compress it reduces the swelling and tenderness of engorgement.

  • 100% CHEMICAL-FREE AND ORGANIC - This Breast Compress does not contain any harmful chemicals and is filled with 100% natural Premium Flaxseeds.  It has a luxuriously soft Organic cotton terry with a removable outer shell.

Omved’s 100% Natural Breast Compress is a safe, gel-free breast pack that has been ergonomically designed for new mothers to comfortably cover the breast and heal. It is evenly weighted to improve blood circulation and contains Premium Flaxseeds.

When it is used as a cold compress it can:

  • Reduce the swelling and tenderness of engorgement
  • Provide comfort to breasts during weaning
  • Provides long lasting steady heat as a hot compress 

When used as a hot compress, it:

  • Encourages milk flow
  • Maintains open milk ducts and prevents clogged ducts
  • Promotes let-down
  • Comforts the symptoms of infection or mastitis
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