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OMVED herbal shampoos and conditioners are the result of diligent manufacturing, sound traditional Ayurvedic wisdom and rare and effective premium quality botanicals, rich in vital hair nutrients and natural hair conditioning agents that optimize beautiful hair and a healthy-looking scalp. They cleanse without stripping the outer protein layer of hair or drying the scalp and essential nutrients; vitamins, amino acid complexes, and essential fatty acids in these hair care products condition and restore elasticity, while delivering a rich, aroma therapeutic experience while leaving your hair clean, soft and shiny...naturally! Buy from our best range of shampoo and conditioner online in India at

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HYDRATING Shampoo For Dry Hair

jatamansi & geranium hair wash
6 Reviews
₹ 490.00

NOURISHING Condition Dry Hair

jatamansi & geranium hydration
3 Reviews
₹ 650.00

PURIFYING Shampoo For All Hair

brahmi & peppermint hair wash
3 Reviews
₹ 650.00

RESTORATIVE Shampoo Dandruff

neem and tea tree hair wash
4 Reviews
₹ 650.00

SOOTHING Conditioner Dandruff

neem and tea tree hydration
3 Reviews
₹ 650.00

GENTLE Conditioner All Hair

brahmi & peppermint hydration
1 Review
₹ 590.00

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