Foot Care

Since your feet are subjected to a lot of friction the body adds extra layers of skin for protection. These layers build up gradually and often result in dry, painful, cracked patches and calluses. OMVED offers moisturising natural foot care products specially designed to help; to relax tired, feet, slough away dead skin and deeply hydrate skin. Gently exfoliate and moisturize dry feet with our Tea Tree and Pumice foot scrub. For feet that need tender loving care, use our Peppermint foot soak. For a pampering, soothing overnight treat give your feet a dose of our OMVED specially formulated foot oil. It boosts circulation and nourishes tired feet as you sleep. Put then natural spring back into your step.

Relevance Price

TERRACOTTA Foot Scrubber

slough dry and dead skin
2 Reviews
₹ 249.00

BRONZE Detox Foot Massager

ayurvedic remedy for cleansing
2 Reviews
₹ 1,750.00

HAND & FOOT Massager

for complete relaxation
1 Review
₹ 250.00

TIRED Foot Soak

Himalayan Salts To Refresh
2 Reviews
₹ 690.00


aromatic oil to soften feet
2 Reviews
₹ 890.00

EXFOLIATING Pumice Foot Scrub

mint & teatree scrub exfoliate
1 Review
₹ 750.00

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