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Baby Compress - Cold/Colic Relief

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A 100% natural healing therapy for cough, cold and colic in babies. First-of-its-kind offering with the power of Ajwain, Flaxseeds and other herbs that soothes a baby's discomfort and effectively decongests. For instant relief not only during congestion but for upset tummies; including colic, gas and acid reflux
- Hot therapy to fight cold, cough & colic in newborns, infants and babies
- Instant relief from cold, cough, stuffy nose and chest congestion
- Aids during upset tummies; including colic pain, gas and acid reflux
- Promotes Ayurvedic healing tradition through warm herbal compress using Ajwain and Flaxseeds

World’s First Ayurvedic Baby Bib for Cough, Cold And Colic

In these modern times, we miss our age-old hot therapy to fight cold, cough & colic in newborns, infants and babies. There’s a dearth of safe and effective solutions to take care of their concerns.

OMVED Baby Bib Compress

Ergonomically designed and thoughtfully created, OMVED Baby Bib Compress is based on ayurvedic wisdom of healing cold, cough and colic. According to Ayurveda, childhood is the time presided by the Kapha Dosha which leads to cough and cold amongst most babies and children. Since their immunity is in a developing stage, as much as possible we should refrain from OTC medicines and commonly recommended nebulizers, which are at times choking and extremely inconvenient for our little ones.


First-of-its-kind Baby Bibs – best among natural infant cold remedies

If you are looking for baby boy bibs, or baby girl bibs, that offer warm compression during cough and cold, look no further. Now you can heal, calm and offer relief to your little one, using our 100% natural, microwaveable therapeutic Baby herbal compress. These unique bibs for babies are an ideal natural solution for cold and cough.

Inspired by the Ayurvedic healing tradition of warm herbal healing, they not only offer instant relief during chest congestion but even for upset tummies; including colic, gas and acid reflux.
So unlike some modern medicines, with adverse effects, these organic bibs for babies not only offer your toddler cold relief but also aids in faster recovery during a cough and colic pain.

So rather than opting for OTC medicines at the very first instance, it is important to choose an alternative way to heal these symptoms naturally. This will enable the baby to build immunity naturally, from within. If you reach out for OTC medicines, with side-effects, the symptoms may get suppressed for a shorter duration but it can seriously stunt the child’s ability to develop immunity. To read more about children and common colds click here.

Why is a compress therapy so beneficial?

People often wonder how a hot therapy can heal the body unless the medicine is orally ingested. According to Ayurveda the skin is the abode of Vata and most of the pain is expressed through it. With a huge number of blood vessels, nerves and pores, it can absorb a large amount of medicine. Interestingly, it also takes a shorter time for medicine delivery as the skin is nearest to the affected organ. This way much time is saved by reaching the organ directly rather than taking the oral route.

Why OMVED Baby Bib Compress?

OMVED offers multiple ways to cure these normal situations without consuming any medicines. Baby Bib Compress is a part of the external curative treatment that can be significantly helpful in the case of babies, especially when it is difficult to feed medicines to them.

  • Instant relief from cold, cough, stuffy nose and chest congestion
  • Aids during upset tummies; including colic pain, gas and acid reflux
  • Promotes Ayurvedic healing tradition through warm herbal compress
  • Better than ordinary cotton compress
  • Quick remedy for Indigestion, Stomach ache, Constipation
  • Troubled sleep
  • Great substitute for OTC medicines

Features and Benefits:

First-of-its-kind Offering – As a 100% natural healing therapy for cough and cold, this Baby Compress easily soothes a baby's discomfort and acts as a decongestant with its 100% natural ingredients.

Premium Quality Whole Flaxseeds– Flaxseed has a very high oil content so it allows the bib to retain and release moist heat for a long period of time.

Ajwain Seeds - Its strong healing aroma gives tremendous symptomatic relief during colic, cold and cough.

Ancient Ayurvedic Principles - This Baby Bib Compress has been designed as per ancient Vedic concept of warm and moist healing.

Excellent Aid for Cranky Babies - This Baby Compress with its natural warming and healing action aids cranky and unhappy little babies to slumber during a cough, cold and flu season. It also soothes away respiratory discomfort.

Effect on Doshas

Both Vata and Kapha Doshas get vitiated by exposure to cold. The warmth of Baby compress eliminates the effect of cold and balances the body temperature. For this reason, this Baby Compress is extremely effective during Kapha disorders such as congestion, cough, cold, indigestion, etc and Vata disorders such as colic, pain, constipation, and flatulence.

100% Natural Formula

This Baby Compress is an excellent and handy aid during the cold and cough season. It helps soothe the baby, all thanks to its 100% natural ingredients - filled with a proprietary combination of aromatic healing herbs like Ajwain (Bishop's weed) and carefully selected therapeutic grade essential oils, and oil-rich premium quality Flaxseeds. This natural,microwavable therapy compress is safe, affordable, convenient and reusable too.

Sewn with sectioned pockets for even distribution of weight and warmth, this herbal baby compress is designed as a bib, perfectly contoured to fit comfortably over a baby’s chest. It has been crafted in an ultra-soft pure cotton fabric. The outer cover is completely removable and washable. The inner insert bag which contains the herbal formula is made from premium, unbleached muslin.

Ayurvedic properties of Ajwain

Ajwain is also called Dipyika in Sanskrit as it helps to rekindle the digestive fire. It is light, dry, and hot in temperament. It is a rapid-acting herb (tikshna) and helps to balance Vata and Kapha.

Kapha dosha is responsible for all kinds of clogging, congestion, blockages and excess mucus in the body. Due to its hot temperament and rapid action, Ajwain helps to thaw out all kinds of congestion by Kapha dosha, just as the fire melts away the wax.

Vata dosha is responsible for all kinds of pain in the body, whether it is chest pain or stomach ache. Vata also plays a pivotal role in digestive disorders like constipation, bloating, excessive farting or burping etc. Since babies have a very delicate digestive system, intestinal colic is a common problem with them.

Ajwain is one of the herbs of choice for pain relief. It also prevents digestive problems. On external application, it warms the body and promotes sweating. Therefore, similar to a cold compress, it is effective in fever and any kind of skin inflammation.

Ajwain has excellent anti-venom properties. It helps to remove toxins from the skin through sweating and helps to relieve edema.

Due to its hot temperament, Ajwain dilates the blood vessels in the skin. These dilated blood vessels heat up and de-clog the mucus channels in the congested area. Ajwain also promotes movement of the excess mucus away from the congested area by stimulating the ciliary movement in the mucus channels.

For all the above reasons, Ajwain is known to be a traditional Ayurvedic remedy for all kinds of pain, congestion and digestive disorders.

Ayurvedic properties of Flaxseed

Flaxseed is also called Atasi in Sanskrit. It is heavy, oily and viscous in nature. It has a hot temperament.

Flaxseed oil is a great Vata balancing agent. Therefore, it soothes and relaxes the nerves. It can relieve any superficial or deep-lying pain effectively. In Ayurveda, warm flaxseed paste or flaxseed bag warm compress is highly recommended to eliminate swelling and pain.

Flaxseed has excellent wound-healing capacity according to Ayurveda. It helps to cleanse and disinfect the outer layer of the skin on external application. It is an ideal ingredient for the highly vulnerable skin of babies. A warm compress with flaxseeds can significantly improve the defense system of the baby skin.

Flaxseed also has a very impressive effect on the digestive system. A hot compress of Flaxseed bag can help to relieve bloating, flatulence; indigestion and food reflux/vomiting in the babies.

Flaxseed also exerts a decongesting effect on the respiratory system due to its hot temperament. Flaxseed is oily and this oil helps to retain the heat for a long time in the compress. With the heat, this oil also reaches the skin in small quantities and produces an enhanced effect on the skin.

Thus, Flaxseed is the ideal ingredient for the baby compress that complements and enhances the properties of Ajwain.

How does it work to give your baby congestion relief?

When warmed this compress:

  • Triggers a natural healing action caused by Ajwain and oil-rich Flaxseeds
  • Creates a moist warm heat pad that’s safer than hot water bottles
  • Utilizes benefits of herbal healing therapy
  • Aids cranky babies suffering from cough, cold and colic to sleep
  • Is a natural sleeping aid for newborn babies and toddlers

Product Information:

Important instructions for use:

You can use it as a hot compress by heating in a microwave as per the following instructions. Overheating or inappropriate use may result in injury or fire. This product is not meant to heat in a gas or electric oven.

As a Hot Compress:

  • Remove herbal bag from outer bib and heat in microwave for a minute.
  • Place bag back in the bib and ensure it's not too hot for child.
  • Use as warm herbal compress by tying around neck or back, as required. For
    long-life store in a cool place, in an air-tight bag provided with silica gel sachets.
  • Note: While heating, it is advisable to try a couple of minutes to start with, and then if you feel, set it at one minute intervals. Never heat the herbal insert for more than 1 minute at a time.


  • Do not place directly on to sensitive ordamaged skin.
  • Always consult your doctor if you're in doubt.
  • Never leave children with the product unattended.
  • This product contains small grains that mayescape and pose a choking hazard to young children so check regularly for spots, tears,holes or loose stitching.
  • Always inspect the bib for dust and loose particles before using on your child.
  • Regularly dry the inner pillow under the sunto ensure natural fillings are kept odour-free.
  • Discard product if the inner pillow containing the fillings is torn.


  • Do not use on sleeping children
  • Do not overheat, will cause burns
  • Do not use herbal insert that has an overcooked, burnt smell
  • Do not use when wet
  • Do not reheat until completely cold
  • Do not put into storage until cold


Can I use this as a warm compress or a cold compress?
This needs to be used only as a warm compress.

How do I store the Herbal Baby Compress?
For long-life, store in a cool place, in the provided air-tight bag with silica gel sachets.

How soon can I use it for my baby?
You can start using the herbal baby compress for babies as young as 2 months and up to 3-4 years old.

I don’t have a microwave, what is the other option of heating the compress?
It is ideal to heat the compress in a microwave. Although we don’t recommend it, some of our patrons do use ovens to heat their compresses.

My baby is allergic to some of the mentioned ingredients, can I still use the compress?
No. We don’t recommend using the compress if your baby is allergic to any of the ingredients.

What are signs and symptoms of cough and cold?

As a parent there are several signs and symptoms you can look out for:

  • Persistent Coughing up thick mucus
  • Stuffy or running nose
  • Congestion
  • Sneezing
  • Fever
  • Breathlessness
  • Wheezing

Tips for Parents:

Here’s the first line of action you can take:

  • Babies need plenty of rest to recover faster so it’s better they sleep more.
  • Younger babies need extra breastfeeding to fight off the infection better.
  • It is recommended to refrain from dairy products since they create mucus.
  • Carefully breathing in steam, under strict adult supervision, is advisable for faster recovery.

How will I know if my baby has Colic?

olic is a common issue with many babies, wherein the baby frequently cries but appears to be otherwise healthy.

Signs and symptoms:

  • Frequent crying
  • Crying that lasts several hours
  • Face turns red and fists are usually clenched when the baby cries

Tips for Parents:

There can be no general method that works with all babies however you may try doing the following:

  • Holding and gently rocking your baby
  • To prevent your baby swallowing air, sit or hold upright during feeding
  • Burping your baby after feeds
  • Bathing your baby in a warm bath
  • Gently massage his or her tummy

In most cases, as a preventive therapy during the early stages of cough or cold, this Baby Bib Compress can work better than an OTC medicine to offer pain relief or congestion in babies.

OMVED Baby Bib Compress is the product that provides a ready to use solution to all frustrated moms and suffering babies since it is natural, has no side effects, is extremely easy to use and produces an immediate result. No doubt, it’s a must-have product in your home if you have a baby in the family!

So whether you’re looking for a 100% natural solution for cough and cold,and even colic, in the form of baby boy bibs or baby girl bibs, or maybe even newborn baby bibs,OMVED Baby Bib Compress offers you a one-stop solution.

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