Kapha | normal-oily

The elements of Water and Earth energies dominate this dosha type. With typically oily skin, prone to rashes, blackheads, acne and breakouts, it is important to keep the oil balance in check. Our specially picked products for the Kapha type ensure that your skin and hair maintain the optimum oil balance thus reducing the intensity of any skin issues. Include these in your daily routine to welcome soft and radiant skin and a luxurious mane of hair. Do you know what is your Dosha? Take Dosha Quiz

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DEEP Facial Cleanser

wash for normal to oily skin
1 Review
₹ 890.00


to revive tired skin
1 Review
₹ 750.00

KESHIN Healthy Hair Oil

ayurvedic oil for long hair
4 Reviews
₹ 890.00

PURIFYING Shampoo For All Hair

brahmi & peppermint hair wash
3 Reviews
₹ 650.00

ULTRA-LIGHT Moisturizer for Oi

for normal to oily skin
2 Reviews
₹ 1,290.00

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