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Breathe Easy Cold/Sinusitis Eye Mask


  • Fast relief from Sinus, Cold, Cough, Migraine, Headache, Stress, Anxiety, Snoring, Allergies, Insomnia, etc.
  • World’s only Ayurvedic Sinus Eye Mask/Pillow
  • Filled with a proprietary blend of aromatic healing herbs and seeds.
  • Quick Action and No Side-effects
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Breathe Easy Eye Mask

In the swift-paced lifestyles we lead, it’s difficult to stay immune to stress, air pollution, and its side effects. Sinusitis and cold are few such side effects that can make us feel heavy and congested around the eyes, temples, and nose. They can often lead to headaches too. An over the counter OTC painkiller is the easiest solution to reach out for during pain or a headache, but in the long term, it can be a killer in disguise. Studies conducted over the past few years prove that certain forms of painkillers can lead to adverse outcomes and side-effects.

Revolutionary Sinus Mask with zero side-effects

The market is flooded with natural remedies for headaches and sinus pain, right from herbal teas, hot or cold compress for headaches, to homemade remedies for cold and cough. But truly speaking, for the man on the move, there is nothing as convenient as the Breathe Easy Eye Mask.

The Breathe Easy Eye Mask for cold and sinus is a 100% natural, safe and therapeutic herbal compress inspired by Ayurveda, which helps to decongest, relax and heal effectively. It combines the oil-retaining power of flaxseeds with aromatherapy of decongesting herbs. This eye mask offers you instant relief from the discomfort of migraines, headaches, allergies, cold and sinus pain, and snoring, besides inducing a relaxing effect.

This eye mask is to be used as a warm compress for sinus, at room temperature. All you need to do is wrap it around your head for a few minutes to experience instant relief. So now, there’s no need for a hot or cold compress for headaches. You can try this sinus compress anywhere. To know more about Ayurvedic compresses and when to use a hot or cold compress to manage pain click here.

How does this sinus eye mask work?

When you wrap it around the head and eyes using the stretchable band, the Breathe Easy Eye Mask, also known as sinus compress, releases an aroma from the healing botanicals and grains within, to trigger a decongesting effect. It clears the sinus passages around the eyes and temples, making breathing easier. The relaxing herbs present also ease the debilitating pain of migraines and sinus infections effortlessly.

eye mask for migraine

Features and Benefits:

  • First-of-its-kind, 100% natural mask inspired by Ayurveda The Breathe Easy Eye Mask is a revolutionary natural, external herbal therapy inspired by Ayurvedic principles handed down to us thousands of years ago. It is well-researched, and probably the best eye pillow available, with several unique benefits such as clearing your sinuses by loosening mucus and helping you breathe easy.
  • Proprietary Contents – The eye mask, also known as the sinus pillow, is made using a proprietary formulation of all-premium ingredients such as 100% premium flaxseeds and a blend of aromatic healing herbs and carefully selected therapeutic-grade essential oils.
  • Great Value – The eye mask offers great value as compared to conventional methods as it is reusable and lasts for several months together offering you relief.
  • No need for Hot & Cold Compress – This Breathe Eye Mask, which also doubles up as a migraine mask, eliminates the need for a hot and cold compression for sinus headaches. It is recommended to be used and works best at room temperature following specific instructions to soothe tired eyes, reduce eye puffiness and relax the eyes.
  • Acupressure Effect – Ergonomically designed to cover the eye area, this therapeutically and evenly weighted eye pillow blocks out light and provides gentle acupressure to the eyes and temples, bringing relaxation to the entire body.
  • No need to Microwave – There’s no need for a warm or cold compress for headaches anymore as the Breathe Easy Eye Mask doesn’t need to be activated in a microwave or a freezer and can be conveniently used at room temperature.
  • Safer, Hygienic and more Effective than Hot Water Bags – The Breathe Easy Eye Pillow is hygienic as the cover can be washed regularly, and made using premium soft cotton material making each use comfortable on the skin. It is the safest option compared to using hot water bags for pain management.
  • Recommended by doctors and therapists – Since the eye mask is completely safe and effective it is highly recommended by doctors and therapists


The eye mask cum sinus compress is filled with a proprietary combination of aromatic healing herbs such as Lavender and Chamomile, carefully selected therapeutic grade essential oils and oil-rich premium quality Flaxseeds.

Sewn with sectioned areas for even distribution of weight and warmth, this herbal eye compress is designed to rest over your eyes, covering all sinus-prone areas. The adjustable band offers a more customized fit. Crafted in ultra-soft pure cotton fabric, the outer cover of each Breathe Easy Eye Mask is completely removable and washable. The inner insert bag which contains the ingredients is made from premium, unbleached muslin.

Other Benefits:

As our exposure to computer and mobile screens increases, we form bad habits and do not blink as often as we should, thereby leading to dry eyes and computer vision syndrome. Dry eyes are basically the inability of our eyes to self-lubricate due to various reasons. After consultation with your doctor or ophthalmologist, this Ayurvedic eye mask can be a better option than conventional eye packs for dry eyes or lubricant eye drops. To read more about the effects of computers on our eyes click here.

Besides helping relieve cold and sinus headaches, as a form of herbal therapy, this eye mask may also assist in relieving –

  • Migraines
  • Headaches
  • Allergies
  • Insomnia
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Snoring

How to use this Eye Mask

To ensure the best use of this eye mask and make it last longer, it is recommended to carefully follow the instructions as below

  1. Remove the eye mask from the sealable pouch
  2. Place it comfortably over your eyes using the stretchable band
  3. Sit back and relax in a comfortable position
  4. Take a few deep breaths
  5. After use, remove the eye mask and place it back in the sealable cover
  6. Sit with your eyes closed for a few minutes to experience the deep healing effect

Please note that different people react differently to the strength of the aroma from this eye mask. The time of usage at one time will vary from person to person and depends on your comfort.

Precautions while using this Breathe Easy Eye Mask

  • Do not place directly on sensitive or damaged skin.
  • Always consult your doctor if you’re in doubt.
  • Regularly dry the inner pillow under the sun to ensure natural fillings are kept odour-free.
  • Check regularly for loose seams or stitching. Darn or discontinue use if so.

Natural ways to relieve pain

There are several ways to relieve pain naturally without the side-effects, however, it is important to note that though being safe as compared to prescription drugs and painkillers, they may require some patience before taking effect.

Fresh Ginger: Ginger is an anti-inflammatory herb with pain relief and stomach-settling properties. It works well when steeped in boiling water as a herbal tea or as a vegetable juice.

Turmeric extract Curcumin: This is the primary therapeutic compound found in the spice turmeric. In fact, curcumin has been shown in clinical studies to possess potent anti-inflammatory activity.

Indian Frankincense: Frankincense, also known as Boswellia, is a herb that contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties and has been prized for ages.

Several other therapies involving yoga, acupuncture, meditation, hot and cold packs, etc can also result in astonishing pain relief without any painkillers.

But always do remember that in case of doubts and health concerns it is advisable to consult your family physician or a specialist.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the essential oils used in the compress natural?

We use only 100% pure, natural and therapeutic grade essential oils. You can rest assured that the essential oils are completely natural.

What are the different ways to use this compress?

You can use it as a warm compress, at room temperature, by wrapping it around the forehead to reduce the intensity of a headache. You may also place it on your eyes to soothe them.

Can I use it as a cold compress if I have a cold?

No. We do not recommend using it as a cold compress in case of cold or sinus related issues. We only recommend using it at room temperature.

How will this provide comfort to my eyes?

The compress is ergonomically designed to cover the eye area. It is therapeutically and evenly weighted to soothe the eyes. It blocks out light and provides gentle acupressure to the eyes and temples, bringing complete relaxation.

Can I heat this in the microwave like your other compresses?

No. We do not recommend heating this compress in the microwave at all. Use it only at room temperature.

How do I know that it’s time to replace the eye-compress?

Depending on frequency of usage, the aromatic strength of botanicals will reduce. Additionally, it can get affected by natural wear and tear. Please discard and replace in these situations.

What are the other benefits of this eye compress?

It helps to relieve irritated, itching and burning eyes – especially, if you work long hours in front of a computer or watch too much television. The essential oils in the mask help to relax the nerves while its gentle acupressure effect eases headaches.

Is the eye mask still effective after the aroma wears off?

It is perfectly normal for the aroma to fade over time and with regular usage the aromatic botanicals do not tend to lose their efficacy as quickly. If a stronger aroma is desired it is best to replace the eye mask.

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