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Breathe Easy - Cold/Sinusitis Eye Mask


The Breathe Easy Eye Mask for cold and sinus is an ayurvedic 100% natural, safe and therapeutic herbal compress. As a moist herbal therapy, it helps to decongest, relax and heal effectively to offer you instant relief from sinus pain, migraines, headaches, allergies, cold and cough, insomnia etc.

- World's only Ayurvedic Sinus Eye Mask/Pillow
- Starts acting in 30 Seconds
- For Sinus, Cold, Cough, Migraine, Headache, Stress, Anxiety, Snoring, Allergies, Insomnia
- Filled with a proprietary blend of aromatic healing herbs and seeds
- Zero side-effects
Know More: Benefits of this Eye Mask

Bronze Foot Massager

Premium Bronze Capped Foot Massager with Wooden Handle - Lead Free - Detoxify & Relax Feet - Anti-inflammatory properties

Daily Night Foot Oil for Pain Relief

Blended Essential Oil - Ashwagandha, Vetiver & Valerian – 100% Natural, Vegan & Organic – Relaxing Properties

Exfoliating Foot Scrub

For Soft & Smoother Skin – Peppermint, Tea Tree, Moisturising Oils & Natural Pumice Stone Granules – Effectively Removes Dead Cells – Invigorating & Aromatic – 100gms

SLEEP EASY - Relaxing Eye Mask

Presenting the World's 1st Ayurvedic Eye Mask to relax and soothe tired eyes. Sleep Easy is a relaxing eye mask with healing aroma of herbs and essential oils. It is a 100% natural, herbal compress that eases tension and clears headaches. It also promotes deep relaxation, aids in sleep, reduces puffiness and dark circles, and even prevents jet lag.
- Fast Relief, Safe and Effective
- Comfortable; ergonomically designed
- Proven and Recommended by doctors
- Benefits of Ayurvedic Hot and Cold Compress Therapy
- Soothes tired eyes, puffiness and dark circles
- Proprietary combination of aromatic healing herbs and seeds

Sudyuti Skin Glowing Ayurvedic Oil

Enriched with Triphala & Saffron - For Pigmentation & Dull Skin – Skin Lightening Oil – Improve Skin Tone & Reduce Age Spots

Sukhata Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil

For Muscle & Joint Pain - Relieves Aches & Cramps – Benefits in Arthritis & Ligament Injuries - Rejuvenates, Restores, Nourishes & Heals Damaged Tissues – 100ml

Terra Cotta Foot Scrubber

This 100% natural clay Terra Cotta Foot Scrubber for Men & Women, helps scrub away dead skin cells and exfoliate dry skin, cracked heels to reveal silky soft skin. It offers dual benefits of dry skin cell exfoliation and skin smoothening polish.
- Made using 100% Natural, lead-free, unpolluted clay
- User-friendly with rounded edges that comfortably conform to feet and a perfect grip
- 100% Safe - no toxins of synthetic stones or rust from metal
- Great Value – practically lasts forever
- Earth-Friendly – completely biodegradable

Tired Foot Soak

Refreshing & Rejuvenating for Sore & Tired Muscles - With Himalayan Pink-Rock Salts, Epsom Salts, Essential Oils of Peppermint, Lemon etc, Therapeutic Minerals & Aromatic Oils – 100gms

PAIN RELIEF - Waist / Stomach Wrap

A 100% natural, Ayurvedic hot and cold compress therapy that offers instant relief, ease and comfort. As a multi-purpose compress it improves blood circulation and offers relief during stomach pain/ back pain/ menstrual cramps/ sciatica/ vertebral pain of the waist, pelvic and lower back/ rheumatic pain/neural pain.
- Benefits of Hot and Cold Compress Therapy
- Safer than Hot Water Bags
- 100% Natural Contents – Contains premium 100% grains in a Cotton Cover
- Ergonomically designed to be comfortably wrapped around the stomach and waist region

PAIN RELIEF - Neck/Chest/Shoulder Wrap

A multi-purpose hot and cold compress that’s 100% natural, reusable, flexible compression pack. It offers relief from stiff, sore or pulled muscles and ligaments/ chronic neck pain/ shoulders and upper back. Also aids recovery of injured joints and muscles and congestion of the chest.
- Quick relief from stiff, sore or pulled muscles and ligaments, chronic neck pain
- Ergonomically designed to therapeutically provide deep, penetrating moist heat therapy
- Hot & Cold Therapy to help alleviate pain and inflammation of muscles and joints
- 100% Natural Grains Filler based on Vedic wisdom of moist warm/cold healing
- Safer and more effective than Hot Water Bags

PAIN RELIEF - knee/elbow wrap

A 100% natural, Ayurvedic wrap without any side-effects, unlike OTC pills. This multi-purpose, hot and cold compress helps you heal and is a natural solution for knee/ankle/arm pain relief/ tennis elbow/ arthritis joint pain/ stretched hamstrings/ swellings/ sprains and sports injuries.
- Multi-purpose Therapy Wrap
- Best Aid for Knee Pains in elderly and young alike
- Safer and more effective than Hot Water Bags
- 100% Natural Grains Filler based on Vedic wisdom of moist warm/cold healing
- Ergonomically designed to therapeutically provide deep, penetrating moist heat therapy
- Hot & Cold Therapy to help alleviate pain and inflammation of muscles and joints

Orthopedic Buckwheat Pillow

Get the sound sleep you deserve with this Orthopedic Buckwheat Pillow. This unique pillow which is environment-friendly, is made using dust-cleaned, allergen-free Buckwheat Hulls. They can help prevent and ease a lot of neck and shoulder ailments.
- Eliminates allergens
- Promotes air-circulation
- Reduces stress on your spine, head and neck
- Prevents, eases neck & shoulder pain, backaches
- Recommended by orthopedics, chiropractors, massage therapists & physiotherapists
- Aids in sleeplessness, allergies, reduce headaches, migraines, snoring, TMJ syndrome, cervical and lumbar subluxations, sleep apnea, etc.

Innovation meets Ayurveda meets your Wellbeing

OMVED strongly focuses on health remedies that are created using ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, are completely natural and carry absolutely no side-effects. Our range of Vedic health therapies is better than conventional home remedies as it is derived from 100% natural and organic extracts.

You will find that our health therapies consist of powerful plant infused herbal care products, carefully designed by Ayurveda experts keeping you and your family in mind. Most importantly, all our therapies are designed to heal you from within.

OMVED’s Health Therapies are a combination of time-tested remedies, using pure botanicals, and innovative means of delivery. You may take the time to explore from our range of Ayurvedic Compresses for various health problems, Ayurvedic Herbal products, Ready-to-use herbal kits, Chakra balancing tools, Aromatic remedy rollers and more.

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