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All that you need to pamper normal hair is packed in the Hair Indulgence Kit that helps to promote a mane of healthy hair! A hair oil to massage and boost circulation, shampoo and conditioner to cleanse and lock in the moisture and a powerpacked hair pack to give your hair a new life! All of these packed in the Hair Indulgence kit are a blend of Ayurveda’s most effective botanicals in time-tested formulations that help to restore moisture and rejuvenate your hair. 

What you'll find in this kit:

1. Purifying Shampoo (30 ml)

2. Hair Pack (1 sachet 25 gms)

3. Gentle Conditioner (30 ml)

4. Keshin Thailam (30 ml)

These kits also double up as travel companions because its got all that you need!

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