GNYAN Vedic Key-Charm

eco-friendly keychain for wisdom
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The GNYAN AROMA key chain uses an aroma pillow with an embroidered Sarswati Charan for knowledge.

The najarbot seeds help ward away the evil eye while the cowrie shells promote peace.  

Coral and the dry coconut discs promote auspiciousness while the sphatik promotes positivity.

The colourful glass beads and the pom poms add beauty to the keychain.  

You can add a few drops of any Omved aroma blends or spritz fragrance on the small cotton pillow of the keychain to diffuse a wonderful aroma

All of Omved's keychains are handmade and handcrafted using the traditional knotting and weaving styles.

All the ingredients used in the key charms are 100% earth-safe, made with biodegradable materials and packed in reusable, post consumer recycled cartons. 

Care and Maintenance - To let the Omved key chains have a longer shelf life, we suggest the following maintenance tips:

  • Clean the glass beads and natural seeds periodically with a damp cloth.
  • Use mild soap and water (or a foaming, non-abrasive cleanser) to clean the glass and other parts. Try not to dampen the         strings.
  • The brass/copper parts can be polished with a non-toxic commercial cleaner.

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