Gifts For Baby

Embrace your journey of pregnancy and motherhood with the goodness of nature. Pamper yourself and your little one with purity that gives you complete protection. Make bath time naturally fun with OMVED's range of pure handmade soaps, shampoos, body wash, cleansers and ubtans. Award winning mother care products have been specially formulated for the mom-to-be and new-mom. Safe and natural formulas gently cleanse, soothe and soften baby’s tender skin while therapeutic massage oils and rich, moisturizing formulas made from natural ingredients safeguard from diaper rash and eczema and keep skin hydrated and nourished. Wrap your precious joy in the goodness of nature with herbal organic bamboo wear and bath linen. Go ahead, choose to be one with the nature.

BABY Bib Compress

warm/cold healing for comfort
1 Review
₹ 840.00

BABY's First Pillow

with traditional mustard seeds
2 Reviews
₹ 690.00

BAMBOO Botanical Bedset

Organic Herbal Dyed Bamboo Cot
1 Review
₹ 2,240.00


protect & soothe tender skin
1 Review
₹ 690.00

LITTLE ONE Hair & Body Wash

convenient all-in-one cleanser
1 Review
₹ 790.00

LITTLE One's Going Green Kit

set of essentials for babies
2 Reviews
₹ 990.00

NURSERY MIST Air Freshener

gentle aroma to induce comfort
1 Review
₹ 590.00

ORGANIC Bamboo Baby Towel

hypoallergenic & antibacterial
1 Review
₹ 1,490.00

ORGANIC Cotton Rajai

quilt with vedic blessing
1 Review
₹ 2,990.00

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