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Doshas – the core of Ayurveda. Vata, Pitta, and Kapha (explained in detail in Three Faces Of Health) are the main doshas that form the physical constitution of our body.

Knowing your ‘dosha type’ is the building block of your skin care and general well-being. To find your dosha, answer all of the questions below. If you are unsure, please select the answer that most closely describes you. The quiz is in 3 parts – you will need to complete each section to proceed to the next.

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  • skin analysis
  • mental and emotional constitution
  • general constitution
My facial skin feels
My facial skin is best described as
When imbalanced, my skin is
My skin tends to
The skin on my body (my skin type) is
Compared to my peers
The general appearance of my hair is
My scalp tends to be
  • skin analysis
  • mental and emotional constitution
  • general constitution
My personality can best be described as...
In general, my memory can be described as...
When I get stressed out
My temperament is
The pace of my life is
At work
My sleep quality is mostly
My leisure, recreational activities include
  • skin analysis
  • mental and emotional constitution
  • general constitution
My body is best described as
My appetite is generally
My nails are best described as
My lips are
My eyebrows are
My digestion can best be described as...
My energy level is
I prefer foods that are

Please note that our questionnaire result is intended as a convenient tool to provide a good indication of your primary dosha. For serious health issues we always recommend you see a qualified Ayurvedic Physician.
To discover your dosha, please complete our questionnaire here.
While all three doshas are always present, generally one or two dominate the constitution, though occasionally a person will be tri-doshic (all three doshas in equal proportion). Read more about combination dosha skincare regimes.

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