hand-crafted stoneware tea set
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Reminiscent of the tranquil slopes of Darjeeling, this two-tone glazed tea set with bamboo leaf imagery fuses classic design with modern glazing techniques.

Stoneware pottery tea pots have been in use for hundreds of years and are valued for their ability to hold heat while brewing a perfect cup of tea.

The handle of the tea pot is made of bamboo that not only looks aesthetic, but is also durable and offers a sturdy grip. Designed for ease of holding and pouring, the curve and placement of the teapot handle is very comfortable, while the spout is sharp for a no drip pouring. 

The matching tea cups, creamer and sugar pot are designed to be comfortable to use as well, to make your tea time pleasurable.

Warm up with a brew of your special tea with this elegant teaset. A great way to start every morning.

Made from high quality stoneware clay and finished with food safe glazes, this tea set includes a teapot and six matching tea cups, a lidded sugar pot and a creamer.

The tea pot handle is made of high quality bamboo, steamed/soaked before use to make it fit.

Omved stoneware pottery is lead free and uses cadmium-free glazes for an absolute food-safe finish.

They are microwave and dishwasher safe.

As with all hand crafted pottery the coloring and size will vary from piece to piece, making each piece a one-of-a-kind.

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