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Nothing beats a good night's sleep and for that nothing is more important than to find a pillow that will support the neck and ensure a good night's sleep for your children. For thousands of years, buckwheat hull pillows have been recogniszed as an environmentally friendly and orthopaedically healthy, sleep support. A buckwheat pillow not only prevents or eases neck, shoulder and back aches and pains while you sleep but also eliminates allergens from your pillow.

This natural filling has many benefits over conventional fiber, foam, cotton or feather fillings. It is known to stay in shape forever and its adjustable height makes it easy to use. It has temperature regulating properties that keeps it warm in the winter and cool inthe summer. Organic and eco-friendly, it also helps to keep allergies at bay that makes it a perfect pillow choice for the children.

Includes a buckwheat hull pillow and quilted cotton casing. 

Some advice on how to use your pillow:
• May take a little getting used to because the hulls rustle a bit inside the pillow as you move your head. In some cases this can take up to 2 weeks.
• Customise your pillow by removing (if needed) hulls to adjust to your own body size and comfort level.
• If the smell of the hulls disturb you, try spraying some of our aromatherapy mists; Nidra sound sleep mist.
Cleaning: Pillow case is machine washable. Hulls are not washable. If hulls become soiled or wet they should be replaced. Set the buckwheat hulls once in awhile, in strong sunshine to freshen.
Storing: Although dust-mite resistant, any natural filling kept in storage for long periods of time that is not in use may provide a habitat for any number of organisms.
Therefore if you are going to store the pillow for long periods of time it is recommended to keep the hulls in a freezer at least for one day per month as a preventive measure, especially if you live in a hot and humid environment. Alternatively, you may use a vacuum pack sealing system.

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