I believe health, beauty and well-being are achieved by combining the ancient knowledge of the oldest living philosophy: THE VEDAS, within our newer lifestyles, new techniques and technologies that help uncover, unlock and preserve the treasures of nature. Omved is me. Omved is you. Omved is us on a journey of self-discovery.
Priti Mehta, Founder of Omved


Omved is a brand, a philosophy that focuses on the well-being of women and men by helping them regain their inner balance. Inspired by the holistic sciences of the ancient Vedic traditions of India, we make it easy and practical for you to enjoy pure natural living; to live a holistic and simple life, the way it was intended to be

Founded in 2009, we currently retail from over 12 locations in Mumbai. All our products and boutiques reflect the company's core value of being a 100% conscious company. Today, Omved is a small company but with a big legacy; we are a part of the 150 year old Hammer Group; the largest German multinational jewellery group in the world. We have big dreams and strong intentions of becoming the number one wellness Indian brand globally.To quench the thirst of this ambition we are always looking for people who share our values.

We believe that nothing happens by chance, and that if you are on this page, it is because today, your inner quest for good health and spiritual well-being has brought you here.

Mail us your resume at and we will get back to you when there is a suitable opportunity or check our current job opportunities

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