Detox Bronze / Kansa Wand Massager

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Premium Bronze Capped Foot Massager with Wooden Handle - Lead Free - Detoxify & Relax Feet - Anti-inflammatory properties
  • STRENGTHENS NERVES & RESTORES HEALTH – Our feet are the place where nerves from various organs terminate. So a massage with Omved’s Detox Bronze Kansa  Massager opens blocked energy channels, relaxes your feet and strengthens these nerves besides restoring health to many parts of our body.

  • PURE BRONZE THAT’S LEAD-FREE – This foot massager is made of Pure Bronze that’s an alloy of approximately 79% copper and 21% tin. It is completely Lead-free.

  • ELIMINATES TOXINS & PROMOTES RELAXATION – Regular massage with Omved’s Detox Bronze Kansa  Massager  helps eliminate toxins through the soles of the feet and leads to deep relaxation of mind and body.

  • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY – The Massager contains Copper which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and helps alleviate pain besides increasing hemoglobin. It also contains Tin which is known to ease aches and aid in digestion.

There’s nothing like a good foot massage to expel toxins and deeply relax your feet, body and senses. As per Padabhyanga, a foot massage is recommended in Ayurveda to relax our feet since they are the place where nerves from various organs terminate. It also opens the body’s blocked energy channels and leads to better healing.

Omved’s Detox Bronze Kansa Massager relaxes your feet and strengthens these nerves and restore health to many parts of our body.

You may use this Bronze foot massager on the legs, heels and soles of the feet which tremendously helps in eliminating toxins. Omved’s Premium Bronze Foot Massager is made of pure Bronze and is completely Lead-free. Also since Bronze is a harder metal than pure iron, this foot massager will not corrode easily.

The right kind of Bronze is an alloy consisting of approximately 85% copper and 15% tin. Copper which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties also helps alleviate pain and increase hemoglobin whereas Tin is known to ease aches and aid in digestion.

Do feel free to use this pure bronze foot massager on your legs, heels, toes and soles of the feet to reduce toxins and promote relaxation.

It can be used with a massage oil of your choice. Please note that the oil may darken due to the effect of toxins being expelled.


Made of Pure Bronze and Waste wood.

Dab a little Daily Night Foot Oil on the soles of foot and rub with the Kansa (bronze) massager till soles turn black (indicates the presence of toxins). Massage for at least 10 minutes on each foot and wipe off with a cotton cloth when done. Alternatively one can use sesame or almond oil.

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