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Bronze foot massager - Relax and detox your feet. Padabhyanga or the foot massage is recommended in Ayurveda to relax our feet. Our feet are an important part in our body because nerves from many organs terminate in the feet. Not just that, we are on our feet most of the day, walking or standing and we need to give it adequate rest. A foot massage helps to strengthen these nerves, provide relaxation and restore health to many parts of the body.

Using a bronze foot massager on the legs, heels and soles of the feet help to eliminate the toxins from the body. Omved’s bronze foot massager is made of pure bronze and is completely free from lead. Since bronze is harder than pure iron, the foot massager will not corrode easily.

Bronze is an alloy that consists of approximately 85% copper 15% of tin. Copper is known for its anti-inflammatory properties that helps alleviate pain and help increase hemoglobin.  Tin is known to ease aches and aid in digestion.

You can use this pure bronze foot massager on your legs, heels, toes and soles of the feet to reduce toxins and promote relaxation. 

Made of Pure Bronze and Waste wood. 

Dab a little Shudh Gritham (ghee from pure cows milk) on the soles of foot. Rub with the Kansa (bronze) massager till soles turn black (toxins). Wipe with cotton cloth and continue for 10 minutes each foot. This is believed to detoxify and cool the body.

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