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Sesame Oil - Cold Pressed Virgin

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This 100% pure and natural Sesame Virgin Oil contains a rich source of nutrients and vitamins A, B and E along with a powerhouse of minerals such as magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. Ayurveda recommends it raw for several hair care and body care uses.
- Anti-bacterial & Anti-fungal, helps fight against infections and eczema
- Anti-ageing - Reduces age spots and brightens the skin
- Moisturizing Agent and effective Sunscreen
- Excellent Massage Oil and improves elasticity of the skin

Miraculous cold-pressed Sesame Oil, Multiple Benefits!

Sesame Oil is called the ‘King of Oils’ not for one reason. Though present right in front of us, how many among us know its miraculous benefits. As one of the Oils for Life, Sesame Oil, also known as Gingelly Oil, has found multiple uses since ages in India. Extracted from sesame seeds, the Sesamumindicumhas also been revered for hundreds of years by various cultures, across different continents.

The Sesame seed itself has been considered as a symbol of prosperity and health by many. They contain an impressive and rich source of nutrients, and vitamins A, B and E along with a powerhouse of minerals such as magnesium, calcium and phosphorus.

Traditionally speaking, the benefits of Sesame Oil are highly advocated in various Ayurvedic regimens. It is also well known for its beneficial properties for Hair and Skin especially for a healthy glow through body massage.

OMVED Sesame Virgin Oil

Our Sesame Virgin Oil has been extracted from high quality sesame seeds and is perfect for several hair care and body care uses such as massage, and even oil pulling. Depending upon the usage and purpose it can be applied to the hair and skin at 100% strength or even be blended in lesser percentages.

This cold pressed Sesame Oil is unrefined and raw which makes it even more effective. It is highly nourishing, healing in nature and lubricating. Its inherent nourishing, calming and warming properties make sesame oil a fundamental part of the nurturing Ayurvedic massage tradition of India. A rejuvenating self-massage is highly recommended to bolster your ability to handle stress and improve physical strength.

Our Doshas

Ayurveda says the human body is made up of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. Though every element is present in the body, the domination of certain elements determines the Dosha of an individual – namely Vata, Pitta and Kapha. To maintain peak performance, Ayurveda recommends a fine balance between the elements and Doshas. To find your Dosha, click here.

Is Sesame Oil good for you?

Since Sesame Oil is warm in nature it easily pacifies the Vata and Kapha Doshas. It is likely to increase Pitta. So for a Pitta individual, sesame oil can be used in the winter months whereas the Vata and Kapha individuals may use it throughout the year.
Don’t know your Dosha yet? Take this quick 3-minute test to find out.

7 Sesame Oil benefits for skin

Sesame oil or Til oil contains ingredients such as Vitamin E, D and B Complex which helps reduce scars, rashes and spots on the skin. It also provides a smooth and silky texture to your skin. Fatty acids, linoleic acid moisturize your skin effectively. Its high viscosity makes it easy to penetrate the skin and is hence ideal for a rejuvenating skin massage.

Following are some Til Oil benefits:

Anti-bacterial & Anti-fungal: With excellent anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, it helps fight against bacterial infections and also helps treat conditions such as eczema.

Reduces age spots: A regular sesame oil massage can help brighten the skin. Moreover, as an abundant source of Vitamin E, D and B it also helps reduce age spots and rashes on the skin.

Moisturizing Agent: Sesame oil is an excellent moisturizer and is considered among the best oils that keep your skin hydrated.

Excellent Massage Oil: The sesame body oil appears slightly heavier than regular oils but is one of the best oils used for massage. There’s nothing like a sesame oil for body massage to moisturize and detoxify the skin of environment pollutants. Its regular massage not only improves blood circulation but also improves elasticity of the skin. It can be used independently or even as carrier oil blended with various essential oils. It is considered among the best oils for a baby massage too. To read more about the benefits of massaging your newborn baby, various massage oils and for a sesame oil good for baby massage click here.

Effective Sunscreen: There’s good news for those who prefer using a Sesame oil face moisturizer. If you’re venturing out in the sun, you might want to rub and dab a bit on your skin. With its stubborn sun-blocking properties sesame oil acts as an effective sunscreen that protects your skin from harmful UV rays.

Slows down skin aging: Sesame oil contains an antioxidant known as sesamol. It prevents the onset of wrinkles and small pores on the skin. Besides sesame oil also slows down the pace of ageing as it prevents the skin cells from oxidation while improving skin rejuvenation.

Rich nutrients: Due to its low viscosity, the vitamins, nutrients and minerals present in sesame oil is easily absorbed by the skin making your skin healthy and lustrous. In fact, the most significant vitamin in sesame oil is vitamin K, providing 17% of the Daily Value per 100 grams (ml). source. For more information on nutrients present in sesame, click here.

7 Sesame Oil Benefits for Hair

So is sesame oil good for your hair? Besides being extremely rich in vitamins and nutrients, sesame oil also has a lot of protein that nourishes the hair from the roots and helps maintain scalp health. It is an excellent overall tonic for hair.

Following are some benefits of Gingelly Oil for hair:

Prevents Premature Graying
It is known that a good sesame oil massage can prevent premature graying. It also helps retain the natural color of your hair for long. Sesame oil is also known for its hair darkening effects over a period of time.

Promotes Hair Growth
The root cause of many hair problems is lack of blood circulation. It is not unknown that sesame oil encourages blood circulation in the scalp area, and it thereby promotes hair growth. It is also highly penetrative which helps treat any chemical damage and supply nourishment to your hair shafts and follicles.

Deep Conditioning
Massaging your scalp and hair with sesame oil can improve hair health as it deeply nourishes your hair and conditions it even in dry weather conditions. But one must remember that dry hair can be caused by many reasons, internal factors and nutrition deficiencies as well.

Protection from harmful UV Rays
Since sesame oil has natural sun blocking properties, you can thoroughly apply it to the hair and scalp to prevent potential damage from exposure to the sun. As it protects the entire hair shaft sesame oil also helps from damage due to pollution.

Protects against fungal and bacterial infections
Sesame oil can be blended with essential oils and applied to the scalp before taking a bath to keep away from fungal and bacterial infections.

Treats Dandruff
Since it contains anti-fungal properties, sesame oil can be massaged into the scalp before retiring to bed at night as it can help soothe the scalp and treat dandruff effectively.


One can use this oil to cure scalp dryness which is very common nowadays depending upon the ill-effects of pollution and weather conditions.All you need to do apply it to your scalp and massage it with your fingertips. Dry scalp can also be caused if one is prone to it depending upon his or her particular Dosha or Prakriti as prescribed in Ayurveda. If you missed our Dosha test, click here.

Other Benefits of Sesame or Gingelly Oil

Improves Dental Health
Oil pulling, also known as Gandusha or Kavala Graha in Ayurveda, is the practice of swishing or holding oils in your mouth. The health benefits of swishing sesame oil are immense, read more about them here. Enthusiasts believe that oil pulling can wash away the toxin and bacteria build up in the mouth. After rinsing the oil is spit out and the mouth is cleaned with warm water. People use sesame oil or sometimes even a combination of sesame oil along with coconut oil. To read more about how oil pulling with sesame oil reduces plaque and other its other benefits click here.

Boosts Metabolism
A high percentage of copper and zinc in sesame oil aids in blood circulation and the body’s metabolism process. So your body gets the right amount of blood flowing to its organs, thereby keeping them in peak performance condition.

With the multifarious benefits of sesame oil, it’s time to rediscover our roots and experience this Oil so essential for life. So if you were looking for where to buy sesame oil, add it to your cart right away.

Do you know?
Sesame Oil in Telugu is called NuvvulaNune Oil
Sesame Oil is a rich source of Zinc.

Organic Sesame Oil vs. Regular Sesame Oil
Minimal/No ProcessingVs. Chemically Processed
UnrefinedVs. Refined
Cold-processed at lowest temperatures Vs. Processed at very High temperatures.

Existing reviews
Great for Body Massage!
This product is one of the best quality sesame oil available, that too at an affordable price. I ordered it for oil pulling purposes but ended up using as a massage oil. My skin feels so detoxified and supple smooth!
From: Guest | Date: 1/8/2019 3:11 PM
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