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Kushala Body/Bath Oil

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Blended Essential Oil -100% Natural & Organic – Chemical Free
  • EASILY ABSORBED - This Ayurvedic massage oil is easy absorbed by the skin than most regular massage oils.
  • ALSO IDEAL FOR SPORTSPERSONS - Since this oil is easily absorbed it is extremely effective in case of sports injuries. It gives quick relief from pain and bruising due to sports injuries, pulled muscles and back aches.
  • EFFECTIVE STRESSBUSTER - The Highly concentrated living plant essences pass through the skin and are also inhaled during the massage which relieves tension and stress. It relaxes the body, softens the skin, improves blood circulation and improves breathing as well.

There’s no doubt that health conditions that we face today are the outcome of a stressful lifestyle. Come home to Omved’s Kushala Healing Body & Bath Oil that relaxes and soothes inflammations, joint pains and over-stressed knotted muscles.

It has been formulated with a pure botanical blend to increase blood circulation while reducing pain and inflammation.

This luxurious Ayurvedic massage oil is easy absorbed by the skin than most regular massage oils. It is ideal for sportspersons who want to warm and tone muscles before an exercise or a game. This oil offers quick relief from pain and bruising due to sports injuries, pulled muscles and back aches.

Using a perfect nourishing base made up of pure sweet almond, jojoba and olive oil, this is a perfectly balanced synergy blend of finest aromatherapy-grade and therapeutic essential oils including Nutmeg, Eucalyptus, Lemon Grass and Camphor.


The bath and body massage oils are 100% natural and do not contain any synthetic agents, parabens, sulfates, silicones, petrochemicals, glycols, phthalates, synthetic colours or perfumes.

100% pure therapeutic essential oils are blended in cold-pressed plant oils. Kushala body and bath oil is made in a base of:
Sweet Almond (Prunes Amygdalus),
Olive (Olea europaea),
Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis),
Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans),
Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus),
Lemon Grass (Cymbopogon flexuosus) and Camphor oils(Cinnamomum camphora).
100% biodegradable formula and easily recyclable packaging."

To use as a bath oil: Pour 1-2 tsp in a warm bath after the water is drawn (so the essential oils do not evaporate during filling).

To use as a massage oil: Warm about 2-3 tbsp in a copper vessel and massage using upward strokes, towards the heart.
When used as a massage oil, it helps to ease muscle and joint pains and provides relief to stressed muscles or cramping.
For added effectiveness and healing use with an Omved warm compress.

Caution: Do not apply on broken skin. For external use only.

Storage: Store in a cool, dark place below 30 degrees C.

Test for sensitivities: inside of elbow or wrist.

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