Yogic Eye Cleansing Ritual


Omved Netra Shuddhi Starter Kit contains everything needed for a daily eye wash routine. True to our tradition, we have researched to make Netra Shuddhi an easy and delightful practice through the right netra cups, the right netra shuddhi powder and a ceramic soaker so that you gain the fullest benefits.

Contents of the kit

  • 100 gms Netra Shuddhi Powder – a well-researched doctor-approved powerful formula
  • 2 ceramic Netra cups – our proprietary distinctive shape is ergonomically designed so they are comfortable to hold and fit the eye contour perfectly to optimally cleanse. Made with lead-free ceramic and food-grade glaze.
  • A Ceramic soaker – soaking in ceramic ensures cooling of the mixture to the right temperature.


An ancient Yogic cleansing practice where one uses eye cups to bathe the eyes using a well-researched, time-tested eye tonic formulated with the herbal panacea – Triphala as a base.

The amazing yoga cleansing technique of “Netra Shuddhi” is a 100% natural, chemical-free method that removes burning and tiredness of eyes and gives a fresh feeling to eyes. It rinses out dirt, irritants and other foreign pollutants from the eyes, leaving the eyes clean and eyesight sharp.

Our vision is among the things that we all take for granted – until something goes wrong. Unfortunately, the deterioration of vision is one of the inevitable consequences of many actions, including aging. The major source of eyestrain doctors once warned against was reading too much, especially in dim light. But with the advent of cameras, movies, TV, and computers, there is an increasing demand on our eyes and the need to maintain their health.

In fact, you may not realize until after doing the triphala eyewash how much stress and tension you were carrying in your eyes.

Yogis have practiced Netra Shuddhi for centuries for its innumerable and powerful benefits.

  • Cleanses the eye thoroughly
  • Relieves tension/eye strain in the eyeballs
  • Soothes watery and sore eyes
  • Useful in treating myopia, hypermetropia, presbyopia and headache.
  • Improves eyesight thus helps to control the increase of spectacle numbers.
  • Increases blood supply to the eyes and the optic nerves
  • Increases blood circulation around eyes which helps in diminution of dark circles.
  • Also as per Ayurveda, Triphala’s celestial genesis helps in prevention of cataract development.
  • Helpful for tired or puffy eyes, irritation of the eyes, redness of eyes and watering of eyes.
  • Counteracts various eye disorders such as glaucoma, blepharitis, conjunctivitis (pink eye) and sties.

Triphala is one of the most commonly used herbal blends in the Ayurvedic system of healing. Formulated thousands of years ago, Triphala, meaning “three fruits,” is so effective because its three herbs are potent healers –

      1. Amalaki (Emblica Officinalis); nicknamed the “nurse herb” in India, has the highest natural known source of vitamin C.
      2. Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula) is rejuvenating, warming, and balancing.
      3. Bibhitaki (Terminalia Belerica) a powerful herb that improves the vision


Soak quarter of a teaspoon of Nettra Shuddhi powder in 100ml of clean water at night in the ceramic soaker. Allow to stand covered overnight. Next morning filter it through a fine sieve. Let it settle for a minute and its ready to use.


  • Remove your contacts, if you are wearing any. Contacts can keep irritants in your eye. They will also prevent the wash from reaching your pupil.
  • Wash the cups out before you use it to avoid infection. Then, fill your eye wash cup with the finely filtered eye wash solution.
  • Holding the eye cups in the hand, lower the head and press the eye cups on both closed eyes. Do so firmly enough so that the rim creates a seal. This seal will keep the liquid in the cup, so that you can clean out your eyes.
  • Slowly raise the head and open up your eyes. Blink the eyes so that the water enters into the eyes and they get cleaned. Blink 20-30 times for one minute.
  • Tilt your head forward and throw out the eye wash.
  • Don’t wipe or wash eyes thereafter but leave as they are.
  • Then, rinse the eye wash cups out so they will be ready for use again the next time you need it.

Eye massage
Follow the eye-wash by massaging the eyelids by gently tapping on them with the index finger. Blink your eyes 7 times and rotate your eyes in all directions. (roll the eyes around clockwise, then counter-clockwise, then quickly up-down, left-right, and diagonally)


Netra Shuddhi should be practiced daily. The morning time is desirable.


  • Netra Shuddhi practise is best early morning and can be practiced three times a day.
  • Thoroughly clean your eye cups after each use. Same as a toothbrush do not share them with anyone else.
  • There may be a very slight smarting sensation, but your eyesight and vision should feel immediately relieved and better afterward. In the rarest of occasions if you experience any other discomfort please discontinue and consult your doctor or other health care provider.

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