Yoga asanas for the winter


Yoga asanas for the winter

With the winter setting in, it is but natural to feel a little more lethargic with the cold weather around us. Winter is the time to slow down and introspect your thoughts, take this time to focus on your health and rejuvenate.

An Ayurvedic approach to winter

There is a rule in Ayurveda that “like attracts like.” This is one of the main reasons why you find the vata and kapha doshas aggravated in the winter. The climate is similar to the dosha properties and it leaves people with thois dosha type, more susceptible to colds, negative emotions and poor blood circulation. In this two part post we will list some yoga and lifestyle tips that can help you to balance your doshas this winter. Let’s start with the asanas you can do this winter to keep your body strong and healthy.

3 winter yoga poses

As we mentioned, the winter makes you susceptible to illnesses, the cold weather can make you fall ill very easily. To combat illness, it is important that you practise yoga asanas or indulge in any exercises that will keep your body warm and will also help to open the chest, throat and sinuses so that you have an improved congestion and healthier respiratory organs. The following poses are invigorating and help to warm the kidneys and clear phlegm and congestions:

Sun Salutations – Surya Namaskara

We have talked extensively about this yoga asana in our earlier posts. This set of 12 asanas is perfect to build the heat in the body. It is recommended that you carry out a minimum of 10 rounds of this asana for a better benefit. You can read about the benefits of Surya Namaskara here and the way to perform the Surya Namaskara here.

Bow Pose – Dhanurasna

Your stomach will be the primary area that takes the weight when you perform this asana. Lie down on a yoga mat on your stomach with your chin touching the ground. Bend both your legs and grasp them with your hands, holding them firmly from the ankle. Now inhale and exhale pulling the legs in the upward direction. Your body should be stretched and your neck should be pushed backwards.  Ensure that you do not jerk any part of the neck or back. This asana helps to flex your muscles and relax your body.

Fish Pose – Matsyasana

This asana helps to clear the built up congestions and relieve tension in your neck, throat and shoulders. It is therapeutic for people who are prone to attacks of asthma, and have spasms in the bronchial tubes. This asana is also a must for those who may be having respiratory issues. All you need to do is lie down flat on your back on a yoga mat. Keep your knees straight and your legs and feet together. Slide your hands beneath your thighs, palms downward, so that you are sitting on them. Keep your elbows and forearms tucked in close to the sides of your torso, pressing them firmly against the floor.

Slowly, inhale and lift your chest and head away from the floor. You need to arch your chest till you are sitting halfway up. Exhale and release your head back onto the floor. Be sure to keep your legs straight and thighs active, reaching out through your heels.

You can read more of our yoga posts here. It is important to practice yoga all through the year for maximum healing benefits. Yoga helps to relieve stress and calm your tired nerves. It also ensures a life that it healthy and beneficial for you. 

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