Dear Women, Can You Proudly Tell People How Old You Are?


Women’s Day 2018 Special

Why is it that so many women duck the question about their age? In our country, they say – Never ask a woman’s age or weight. Wonder why it’s such a big deal.
On the occasion of Women’s Day, let’s take a look at what may be causing such hesitation about going public. If it’s related to the appearance of wrinkles does it suggest a woman’s diminishing beauty or is it a matter of privacy just as we would not share our personal passwords or social security details with others? The roots could be found deeper and related to our societal conditioning from an early age, longstanding cultural inhibitions, family traditions, etc.

On the occasion of Women’s Day, Omved urges you to shed these inhibitions and proudly ‘own’ your age. Be proud of your glorious years and declare your number from the rooftops and even on social media. What’s the big deal? If you’re still hesitating to own your number, maybe these following tips might help.

You Already Own a Dynamic Persona

While you can’t refute the fact that aging is inevitable and irreversible, your individuality is not. Individuality shall always remain fluid and flawless and is an internal experience of how we see ourselves from within, over time throughout our lives. So if we realize that our individuality is flexible and can be changed, then age is a battle already won.

Beauty is a Matter Beyond Physical Boundaries

We have heard that beauty is not just a physical experience of oneself, but a psychological one too. Since we all tend to think of beauty as a skin-deep issue, here’s some food for thought. Research tells us that perception of what is perceived to be attractive or unattractive is far more complex. And that’s reason why you might hear some ‘beautiful’ women say, “I don’t consider myself as pretty”?

It’s a fact that many actresses across the world have made such statements. Now, the other way around, there are women who don’t fit into the general definition of beauty but are quite confident about their looks. So what makes people feel attractive goes far beyond the physical self since it runs much deeper than the eye can see.

You Can Change How You Physically Feel About Yourself and Age.

Agreed, we can’t stop the physical effects aging has upon us, yet we can still change our experience of aging. No one, not any doctor, dermatologist or surgeon can stop physical changes of aging. There may be ways to look better, take care of your skin and bodies that put things temporarily on hold, at least on the surface. We’re all for that! We’re also for ways we can experience — and even enjoy — our changing looks. If we take care of ourselves, it makes us feel better and we smile more. When we smile, we look more attractive. The sooner we go through an interior process, the better you will feel inside and out.

As They Say ‘Beauty Lies in The Eye of The Beholder’.

We can try and become our own internal ‘eye’, so that we can take control over how we perceive ourselves. So the initiative rests with us and we don’t pass on the power to judge us on others.

After All, Age is Just a Number – and Numbers Are Not The True Measure of Your Perfection.

When it comes to beauty, it’s true that either you can define yourself by your chronological age or choose to ignore it. Your age has little to do with how old you feel and you can define how you want to be at 40, at 50 and onward. You can’t let magazine images define what is beautiful. It’s a fact that some women, in their 20’s feel old too, while others in their 60’s still feel young. It’s up to you to define the age you feel.

So it’s worthwhile to note that while age is an important number, let’s not give it the power to define our persona or how beautiful we are. True, beauty matters to all women, but to those who age beautifully, it matters neither too much nor too little.

Dear Lovely Women, it’s time we reclaimed our beauty and proudly announce our golden age without any fear, doubt or disbelief!

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