What is vastusastra?


Vastu is an ancient scientific theory which links the internal world and external world of cosmic energy. We all live in infinite energy forms- forms like air, light, geomagnetic flexes,solar flexes,impact of planetary movements,directions,and spiritual elements like fire, air, water,earth,space (Panchtatvas ).All these form of energy has impact upon human life and his active existence.

When one buy a house, at its first step it is just a SHELTER. Making small compartments in defined area the purpose of its use is obtained.These small compartments are called as Living room, or Kitchen, Or bed room or may be pooja room, study room depending upon need of Individual .While the shelter gets converted into sweet home, if we consider direction- elemental values related to direction , geomagnetic flexes, solar flexes etc and design entire house along with amenities, suitable to set of spiritual energy form the SHELTER – HOUSE gets converted into SYSTEM called VASTU. Vastu represents replica of universe (YetPindi tat Brahmandi).

When universe is having its defined organised functioning, which is rich in its strengths,( mental physical or spiritual),there is no wonder if its replica system called VASTU wont bless mankind and bless him PANCHPARAMESHTHI .

It is also observed that when ones planetary position is not sound and at the same time the house where he is staying has DOSHAS, the gruhswami(owner of house) undergoes hell of sufferings. Also when the planetary positions are not strong but the house is VASTU, the sufferings are reduced to greater extent.

When we buy electronic goods, medicines, readymade garments or other luxurious households, we are analytical while purchasing it. Similarly when we buy house we generally look that it adds status, convenience in transportation,market, school-college but the basics are ignored.

It is always a wise step to buy a house which undergoes through vision of Vastu expert before buying, and also if it is purchased without consulting vastushastri,it will be wise that while reworking on it one take guidance of Vastu Expert.

In this modern times , where health, wealth, prosperity and Peace are not obvious, it is wise to refer and imbibe VASTU science in house and live joyful life!

This post has been contributed by Dr.Nagnath Sawant, who is an expert in guiding people on the advantages of vastu while executing remedies that do not allow reconstruction of living spaces. You can visit his website: www.vastuaarmbh.com to know more about his works or visit his profile on our blog to know more.


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