Veggies to eat this summer


With the scorching heat in the summer season it is important that you eat well to keep yourself healthy. One of the important things is to opt for lighter meals in summer. Eating heavy meals can make you feel uneasy and create health issues. Most of the vegetables recommended come with their own set of benefits that we have listed for you.  Let’s not miss the nutrition veggies give, so we have also listed 5 power packed vegetables that are good for you.


Keep yourself as cool as a cucumber! This is one of the most versatile vegetables of the summer and you should be eating this every day in your salads. Consume the vegetable as a whole by washing it thoroughly because the skins and seeds of cucumbers are rich in nutrients too!  Cucumbers are known to contain a phytonutrient, lignin that is well known to possess anti-cancer benefits by promoting a protective role of bacteria in the digestive tract.

Brinjals / Aubergines

Brinjal or aubergines is a vegetable that is rich with antioxidants and contains a lot of dietary fibre. It is also an excellent source Vitamin K and C, potassium, folate and niacin. It can also help to lower a bad cholesterol. It also helps to reduce body heat in the summers. Brinjals cannot be eaten raw, the best way to eat these is to cook it thoroughly with the required vegetables and spices and eat it when it is still hot.

Green leafy vegetables

Lettuce, tender spinach leaves, cabbages, kale and broccoli are some of the leafy green vegetables that you need to include in your meals in the summer. You can wash these thoroughly and add them in salads or toss it lightly in a wok to cook it and eat it as a warm meal. Bell peppers, sprouts and tomatoes are other vegetables that you can add to this as a salad. Green leafy vegetables are high in water content and will keep your body hydrated.


Listed both in the category of fruits as well as vegetables, tomatoes are known for its immense health benefits all year around, more so in the summers. Tomatoes are a wonderful source of Vitamin C, A, K and B6. The vegetable also contains potassium, folate, folate and dietary fibre. These vegetables act as awesome coolers and you can drink fresh tomato juice, add it in salads or your smoothies to get the required nutrition and hydration in the summers.  And the best part? It is less on calories as well! One cup of tomatoes has only 32 calories!

Green Beans

An excellent source of Vitamin A, C and K, green beans is known for its anti-oxidant properties that helps to protect cells against damage and it also helps to boost the immunity levels.  The vegetable is also a great skin cleanser and it also helps to lower the cholesterol levels. Potassium and magnesium levels in the vegetables help to keep the blood pressure levels in check. Tender green beans can be sautéed and added to a salad. Green beans make a very good meal accompaniment in the summers because it is light on the stomach and it helps to keep the body heat at bay. 

These recommended vegetables are light, easy to digest and are full of nutrients that can keep you hydrated and healthy in the summers. In our last post we talked about the top 5 fruits you need to eat this summer to keep yourself healthy and hydrated.

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