Vaastu tips for your home


Vaastu is an ancient Indian science that works on the principle of Panchbhootas, a term referring to the five basic elements of the universe: Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space. Vaastu is a science that attempts to achieve a synergy across all the five elements in such a way that the abode becomes favourable to its inhabitants.

Vaastu has been long used to promote a happy and a comfortable environment at home as well as workplace. Vaastu is all about using the right directions to promote harmony in your living spaces.

We are listing a couple of Vaastu tips that you can follow to ensure positivity in your home and its surroundings.

General Tips on Vaastu

  • East is considered to be an auspicious direction for an entrance to your home
  • If you have any trees in the house, the shadow of the trees should not fall on the house.
  • Never block the northern direction of the house because it represents prosperity.
  • Never grow a cactus plant inside the house.
  • Never block the northern direction of the house because it represents prosperity.
  • All doors should open towards inside because you are welcoming prosperity and happiness.

Vaastu Tips for your living room

  • Construct your living room in the north direction.
  • If you hang paintings in your living room, use paintings that depict prosperity and happiness.
  • Place air-conditioners in the west direction of your living room.
  • Place all your furniture in the south and west corners of the living room.
  • If you have a dining table in the same area, then ensure that there are even chairs to the dining table.

 Vaastu Tips for your kitchen

  • Your kitchen should be in the south-east corner of the house. If that is not possible, then build then the kitchen in the north-west direction.
  • Face the east when you cook your food as it is considered to be auspicious. The alternate direction you can face while cooking is the north direction.
  • Place all electronic gadgets of your kitchen in the south-east corner of the kitchen.
  • The kitchen must have adequate provision for cross-ventilation.

Vaastu Tips for your bedroom 

  • Construct the main bedroom in the south-west direction.
  • Never place the bed below a beam.
  • Your bedroom should be in the shape of a square or a rectangle to ensure peace and prosperity.
  • If you have gadgets in your room like a television cover it at night.
  • If you have a dressing table in the bedroom cover it while sleeping.
  • Place your head towards the South when you sleep.
  • De-clutter your house regularly, because clutter represents the unfinished tasks of your life.

  These are the basic tips that every Vaastu diary states and every vaastu expert recommends. Vaastu is a science that aims at achieving the right balance between humans and the elements of earth to promote a peaceful living.

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