Using essential oils in your home


Creating a soothing and relaxing atmosphere at home is easy. Lighting up a diffuser with your favourite fragrance or plugging in a vapourizer is an excellent option to left the aromas from the air waft in the living spaces, creating your own relaxation haven. But did you know that there are more ways of using essential oils in and around your homes?

There are lots of easy ways that can help you to enjoy the wonderful fragrances of essentials oils in your home. We’ve listed 6 ways to use essential oils around your home to help you live not just greener life, but also a toxin free life!

Essential oils as a clothes freshener

Add a few drops of essential oil to a cotton ball or to a tissue paper and place in the corners of the cupboard to ket the aromas spread in the clothes. Everytime you would open the cupboard, you would be able to inhale the wonderful fragrance. Keep in mind that the clothes will also absorb the aroma of the oils you have chosen, so ensure that you choose an oil that you really like.

Essential oils to neutralize cooking odours  

To neutralize household cooking odours you can add a drop or two of cinnamon and clove oil to a pan of boiling water and let that solution simmer till you are done with the cooking. The fragrance from the oils will help mask the cooking odours.

Essential oils as a room freshener

Add water to a dispenser bottle and add few drops each of lemon, orange, basil, eucalyptus and lavender. Shake the solution well and store it in a dry place for a week or two, shaking the solution at least thrice a day. You have an instant rom freshener that will help clear the stale air and add a delightful fragrance to your room. We suggest that you use any fragrances that you like too!

Essential oils to get rid of pet odours

Did you know that the oils of lemongrass and geranium help mask pet odours in your house. Use these oils in the traditional way – burning it in diffusers or vapourisers at least twice a day to neutralize the odour. You can also add these oils to a mail of water along with your regualr cleaners and mop the area where the odours are the strongest.

Essential oils as air fresheners

Replace the synthetic air-fresheners used in your bathroom with the refreshing natural aroma of Lemon, Eucalytpus or Pine essential oils. Pick up a packet of plain pot pourri and add the drops of these essential oils to it. You can also add a few drops of these oils in a cotton ball and place it on the window sills or near the sinks.

Essential oils as a washing rinse

Add a drop or two of essential oils to a soft cloth and use it in the washing machine when you are washing your clothes. Add this with your regular detergent. Post the wash, your clothes will emit a light fragrance that you will love! It will also help keeping the washing machine clean and smelling nice.

If you love essential oils and have a stock of them, it is time that you start putting it to use!  There are various ways to enjoy a relaxing and a calming fragrance in and around your home. All that you need to is to start using the oils now! Do you have your own favourite way of using essential oils? If yes, share it with us and we will publish the best responses in our social media. 

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