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A harmonious workplace or home brings with it positive vibes. Getting a vastu friendly kitchen is as important as a harmonizing your living spaces. The kitchen is one of the most important  place in the house because that is where the meals are cooked. Your focus of health and well-being starts in this place.  You should plan your kitchen according to Vastu recommendations because it is known to have the most direct effect on your health.

We’ve listed a couple of tips for your kitchen to ensure good health and prosperity in your home.

  • The ideal location for a kitchen is in the South-East direction because the Vastu Pundits believed that fire prevails in south-east direction. The second best place for the kitchen is Northwest (Vayavya) corner of the house.
  • The kitchen should not be directly placed in front of a main door. In today’s world where individual homes have been taken over by flats, sometimes this arrangement may not be possible. If you do reside in a flat and the kitchen is positioned in front of the main door, then  hang a curtain on the kitchen door.
  • If you have a multiple storey house, then the kitchen should not be placed under or above Pooja Room, Toilet or Bed Room.
  • The door of your kitchen needs to open in a clockwise manner in North, North East or East direction.
  • The person who is cooking the meal should face the East or North. When you do so, it brings good health for the family members. If you face towards the South while cooking, it could bring financial losses to the family.
  • Place your cooking equipment in the South East corner (the place of Lord Agni) of the kitchen.
  • Do not place any heavy equipment in the North East corner of your kitchen. This direction/corner is ideal for fixtures like your kitchen sink and other water elements such as your drinking water.
  • If you have placed your refrigerator inside the kitchen, then keep it in the South West direction. Vaastu recommends south-east directions for electrical appliances.
  • Exhaust fans in the kitchen should always be fitted on the eastern walls in the southeast corner. If you have a microwave, place it in the southeast corner.
  • Remember that Fire and water do not go together. Vastu shastra recommends that all water fixtures like your sink and tap should not be close to your cooking equipment.
  • If you have your dining area in the kitchen, then place your dining table in North West. While taking food one should only face towards east or north for good digestion.
  • According to Vastu, the kitchen wall should share the walls with a toilet or bathroom.
  • If you have a clock in your kitchen, place it on the south or the southwest walls.

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