Things you can reduce, reuse and recycle


All of us would love to have a cleaner and a greener environment, not just for us but for generations to come. While most of the people do start with the best of the intentions, somewhere down the line, they tend to reach a block. In our last post we talked about three things that we can reduce, reuse and recycle in our home. In the second post, we acquaint you with more items that are there right in your home, ready to be recycled and reused!

Glass bottles/jars

Reduce – Many food products that come in glass jars also come in refill packs, such as coffee and spices. So you can start by reducing the number of bottles that you buy. It’s better to make baby food at home, rather than buying the jars.

Reuse – Glass bottles and jars are really useful in the kitchen since they are easy to clean and reuse. They also make great organizers, to store all kinds of small things around the house. They look neat when they are of the same size and are stacked together.

Recycle – Glass jars that are tough can be used for baking. You can also gift food like cookies in jars.  Beautifully shaped jars and bottles can be decorated and displayed or even sold as décor items. Glass is accepted at most recycling centers and is used to make new glass.

Plastic bags

Reduce – Plastic bags are being increasingly banned in many areas, with communities and municipalities declaring plastic bag free localities. Even if they aren’t prohibited in your area, always keep a couple of cloth bags with you when you go out, so that you can refuse plastic bags at stores. The less you accept plastic bags, the less you have to deal with them.

Reuse – Plastic bags that are large and strong can be stored to be used whenever you have to transport something really large. They make great dustbin liners so that you have less to clean. Carrying a small plastic bag with you while travelling is good for holding small bits of trash which you can then dump in a trash can when you find one.

Recycle – Plastic bags can be cut up to make waterproof liners for shelves. They are also good for a trip to the beach or pool, to hold your wet clothes. Use a plastic bag on your hand as a makeshift glove when handling dirty messes like pet litter.


Reduce – Indians aren’t big on canned food, so tin cans as waste are not as big a problem here as in other countries. Yet, it is good to know that canned food contains only a fraction of the nutrients available in the fresh version of the same. It also contains lots of preservatives and is high in salt, which makes avoiding them a better idea. And everyone knows the harmful effects of soft drinks which usually come in aluminum cans.

Reuse – Before reusing tin cans, be very careful about sharp edges. You can hammer down the edges so that no one gets hurt. Neither tin nor aluminum cans have much of a reusing possibility, since once opened; you can’t put the lid back on.

Recycle – Soft drink cans could be used for a few crafts; otherwise, most recycling centers accept them. Other tin cans can be recycled into a variety of things – punch holes to make plant pots or lanterns; make use of their steel bodies to make craft robots; decorate and use as pen stands.

Small things that we do and practice can help to leave the planet a better place. We can take one step at a time to lessen the carbon footprints and contribute lesser (if not stop) towards the landfills. There are more articles in your home than you imagine that can be recycled. Our last post will give you tips on more things in your home that can be reused, reduced and recycled. 

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