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Raksha Bandhan is the thin thread of tradition that binds you and your brother in a secure bond of love and joy forever. One of the deepest emotions shared between a brother and sister, Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi, as it is called is one of the most important festivals celebrated in India. The thread that the sister ties around the wrist of her brother is a special bond of protection, a vow that the brother takes to protect his sister from any harm that can befall on her. Ancient Vedic traditions described Raksha Bandhan signifies that the strong must protect the weak from all that’s evil.

The market is flooded with the various types of Rakhi a good month before the festival. All rakhi’s serve only one purpose; strengthen the bond of love between a brother and a sister. But have you ever thought of buying a Vedic Rakhi for your brother? Did you know that a Vedic Rakhi, apart from adorning the wrist of your brother can also have various beneficial effects on his life because of the sacred stones and beads that have been used in them?

Yes, it is true that our Vedic traditions believed in using sacred seeds and beads in the rakhi thread that had the power to protect and heal. in the thread that adorned the wrist of the brother to The Omved Vedic Rakhi’s have been created in accordance to the ancient Vedic traditions and are known to promote an overall well-being of the person whose wrist adorns this sacred thread. Mystical Vedic and sacred seeds, Sphatik crystals and potent symbols are a part of traditional Vedic Rakhis that is known correct the aura of an individual, ward off evil, increase happiness and contentment and help one reach ones goal in life. Humble elements have been transformed and reinvented by our skilful craftsmen into pieces of art that are useful in the traditional rakhis.

Specific Vedic seeds and beads like the Tulsi seeds, Rudrakshas, Sphatik Crystals, Sandalwood, Copper, Rudrani, Coral and recycled beads representing the nav-grahas and have been beaded in these sacred threads to protect your loved one and fill in their life with happiness and contentment.

Rudraksha is the sacred amulet that is known to be ruled by Rudra, Lord Shiva of the Hindu mythology, the one who is bestowed with Divine Shakti (power). It is told that the wearer of this sacred seed is directly blessed by the Lord and his Shakti. This sacred seed is also known attract positive energies.

Tulsi Beads are known to have certain physical and medicinal properties and the wood of the Tulsi plant is considered to be powerful enough to protect one from negative influences.

Corals areknown to promote inner strength and peace of mind. This sacred stone is a symbol of joy, prosperity and abundance. A coral is also known to promote mental stability and protect one from any kind of negative influences.

Sphatik crystals are known to bring the wearer success, good luck and prosperity in life. In the ancient times, Vedic sages used the Sphatik Mala (rosaries) for meditation purposes. The powerful Sphatik crystals have been beaded in these sacred threads to protect your loved one and fill in their life with happiness, contentment and promote a sense of calm and peace in their lives.

Rudrani Beads are rare to find and these beads represent the energetic qualities of Divine feminine power. Also known as the female part of the rudraksha, the rudrani beads is known to attract positive energies and the wearer of this bead is blessed directly by Lord Shiva and the Shakti. The rudrani adorns many a pooja room along with the rudraksha because they are known to represent the totality of the Shiva – Parvati jodi.

Cowrie Shells are used in the Omved rakhi’s that are tied to the wrist of a woman. In the ancient Ayurvedic texts, the cowrie shells were viewed as symbols of womanhood, birth and fertility. Cowrie shells also represented wealth and prosperity.

The beautiful coloured beads used in the rakhis represent the seven chakras of the body and the nav-grahas that help promote calm, peace and prosperity to wearer. All of Omved’s Vedic rakhi’s are a combination of one or more of these listed beads. So, make this Rakhi a special one by gifting your brother the purity of a Vedic Rakhi that he will cherish forever.

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