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Colour Water Therapy or Solarised Water Therapy is a drugless method of treating the any ailments by using the different colours from the sunlight. It is a known fact that the rays of the sun contain all the essential elements that are needed for the human body to maintain good health. The sun rays are made up of seven colours – Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. You can also see these colours in the rainbow. Each of these seven colours has different and unique healing properties and qualities. The history of colour therapy is very ancient and the use of this therapy is mentioned in our ancient Vedic scripts. The ancient Vedic practitioners opined that the human body is composed of different colours and when there is a lack of a particular colour, it can cause ailments. A man is said to be in a state of health as long as the colours of the spectrum are in a harmonious state in his body.

These colours also denote the chakras that are an integral part of the human body and each of the chakras are represented through these colours. Did you know the visible as well as the invisible parts of the body are represented by different colours? When you contract a disease or an ailment, there is a disturbance in the balance of colours in the human body. Colour therapy aims at reducing this imbalance are arresting the disease before it spreads to the rest of the body. It targets at eliminating the disease from the root cause and does not believe in suppressing it.

These listed colours are primarily used in the treatment of colour therapy.

  • Red, Orange and Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue, Indigo and Violet
  • White Solar Charged Water

Red, Orange, Yellow Charged Water

What does it do?

The orange colour helps to improve the blood circulation and works on toning the muscles. The body organs that it helps to work on are the stomach, kidneys, spleen, liver and the intestine. It helps to keep ailments like low blood pressure, rheumatism anaemia, sprains, paralysis, brain disorders, constipation, acidity or indigestion, sugar related disorders at bay. This water also helps to reduce fatigue and lose weight. It also helps to enhance mental power, intelligence, willpower and courage.

Green Charged Water

What does it do?

Green is the colour you associate with nature and it fills you with renewed energies. It helps to purify your blood by eliminating the toxins and also strengthens the nerve centre. Green is used to treat inflammatory disorders, indigestion, skin troubles like eczema, pimples and boils, ulcers, headaches, cough and cold and also fevers like typhoid and malaria.

Blue, Indigo, Violet Charged Water

What does it do?

Considered as a good antiseptic, this coloured water helps to eliminate swellings and controlling burning sensations. It increases and stimulates the hormones and the antibodies. Drinking this water helps to increase the resistance level of bodies from any kind of bacterial infections. It is known to cure excessive bleeding during menstruation. It also helps to cure tooth related ailments and other aliments of the throat.

White Solar Charged Water

What does it do?

White coloured solar water helps to build up immunity and should be drunk the first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. This aids in eliminating the toxins from your body too.

How to make coloured water

Coloured water can be made by exposing water in a transparent glass bottle of the colour you want. If you have to make green water, pour water in a green bottle and place in the sunlight for 6-8 hours. You can also use plain glass bottles and cover it with a desired colour plastic sheet to make the water. Keep the water aside to cool for at least two hours after you have kept it in the sun. In summers the process of colouring the water can take just a few hours while in the winter, you may need to keep it out for a longer time. Coloured water can be kept in the refrigerator up to 5 days.

Colour therapy is an effective treatment for promoting relaxation. It is commonly used in treating some disorders and illness as a complementary therapy.

Please note that if you have a severe ailment it would be wiser to consult a qualified medical practitioner to seek the right advice for your wellness.

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