The 10 habits of happy people


All the happiness you ever find lies within you.- Quote unknown

Happiness is something that everyone wants in their life and everyone aspires to be happy all the time.  To be happy you should never allow grief, sorrow or any kind of negativity take over your emotions. Sometimes doing the smallest things or the smallest of incidents can sap you put of the energy levels and make you unhappy. But then, did you know that choosing happiness is right in your hands? We’ve listed 10 ways that will help you choose the path of happiness.

Do what you love

Set aside an hour (or two if you have the time!) to do something that you love.  It could be as simple as settling down to read a book, dancing, listening to music or doing something creative. When you spend time to do a task you love, it makes you happy.

Be yourself

Happiness is a state of mind. When you set out to do a task, give it your best, stick to your goals and never compare yourself with others. Don’t stop trying to be the best you can ever be. If you ever feel the need to compare yourself, then compare yourself with an earlier version of you and you’ll know how much you improved!

Be around the right people

Company matters, so be around the people who are positive and make you happy. People who tend to be angry, bitter and negative all the time will weigh you down and fill your mind with negativity. Stay away from such people.

Be happy with what you have

Yes, all of us have those goals and aspirations. The extra money to spend, the beautiful watch or just that awesome dress you’ve been eyeing in that designer store. But, learn to live for the moment and don’t forget to be happy for what you already have. By doing so, you are filling your life and heart with gratitude and happiness

Use affirmations in your life

Say that you love yourself; say that you are happy and that the Universe has planned good things for you. Believe that only good things will happen to you and that you will always be positive and happy. When you start affirming these thoughts, you will always be happy.

Choose a good attitude

You decide how you want your day to be and act accordingly. Live every moment as an opportunity and don’t look at how far you have to go, but be thankful for how far you’ve come. Start the day with a positive attitude, smile and believe that today will be a great day.


When you let go of things that make you sad and unhappy, you have created a space for happiness. Holding a grudge is just going to anger you and cause you pain. Anger affects no one else, but you. Let go of the negativity and forgive those who hurt you. You’ll be amazed at the peace of mind it can get you.

Remember gratitude

Be thankful for all that you have and develop a sense of gratitude. Count your blessing, no matter how small they may seem. Be grateful for all that you have – your home, your work, your family and friends. Take out a few minutes to let people in your life know how happy you are to have them as a part of your life and also be a part of their life.

Take care of your body

Did you know that the simplest act of exercising for a few minutes in a day, going for a walk or even meditating can make you happy? When you take care of your body, it ensures that your physical energy is in good shape. A good physical energy ensures that your focus, feelings and spiritual energy are positive.Ever noticed that ill health weighs you down and how it clutters the thinking? And how happiness fills your mind and heart with positive thoughts? That is what we are talking about!


No situation is ever too serious! Made a mistake, laugh at yourself? Feeling low? Remember an incident that made you happy and smile. Remember that no one is prefect. When you start your day with a smile, you start your day on a positive note.

Happiness is a choice. Remember that you lose sixty seconds of precious happiness for every minute of anger and resentment. If you can choose to be positive in adversities and tackle obstacles with determination, you have the ability to stay in a happy state of mind.

Be happy.  Be yourself.

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