Tarot and Fengshui Grandmaster


Ms Inseeya Khambati, a well-known name left a lucrative career 13 years ago and followed her heart and instincts into spirituality and mysticism. A humanitarian at heart, she now helps people through Tarot Reading, Gemology, Numerology, Past life Regression and Fengshui techniques. She has conducted numerous Zen De-stress Workshops for Corporates, and has also penned articles on these topics in the Hyderabad Times, Deccan Chronicle, Hans, Metro India, etc. Her Tarot predictions on Obama’s winning the election as well as being re- elected, Amitabh Bachan going to be grandfather to a baby girl can be read on her website archives. She has reached out to her audiences through National Television and Radio with her famous and widely acclaimed programme ‘Sitaron ki Baat,Inseeya ke Saath’. Healing and tarot being her passion, her tarot predictions are very accurate.Her solutions of a happy and healthy life are through Reiki distant healings, Fengshui, Numerology,Gemology. Her healings, mainly consist of patients suffering with diabetes and lifestyle related diseases ,obesity and depressions.

To get a consultation with her, please visit her website :http://www.inseeya.com

Email – inseeya@gmail.com