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With the onset of summer and harsh heat, it is but natural for your hair to get affected. The sun’s rays can make hair weak and cause split ends. If you have chemically treated hair, it can more prone to damage and it needs loads of special care. When you are out in the sun, it can cause even untreated hair to lose its sheen and change color due to the heat.

With the increase in humidity, even the tamest of manes can turn dry, fizzy, and turn the scalp itchy with the rise of dandruff. In our series of hair care and skincare posts for the summer, this is the first part of the hair care series. We’ve listed a few ways in which you can protect your hair this summer and tame those tresses!

Cover your hair

This is our rule no 1! Your hair can get really dry and frizzy in the summer heat; the damage multiplies when you have coloured and chemically treated hair. When you are stepping out you need to wear a scarf that can protect your hair from further damage. Scarves not just protect your hair but help to keep your head cool and less prone to a sun stroke. You can also consider wearing a wide brimmed hat that can also protect your face from tanning.

Clean your hair regularly

The excessive sweating and heat can cause your hair to get greasy and heavy. If you live in cities where the humidity level is higher, you may just need to wash your hair everyday because of the excessive sweating. To avoid damage, opt for a natural and an organic shampoo that is not just gentle but also an excellent cleanser. Using an extremely moisturizing shampoo can cause you hair to look limp. Use a mild cleansing shampoo that cleans effectively without disrupting the ph balance. Always follow up with a conditioner to ensure that your hair gets complete nourishment. Use products that are free of parabens and SLS because these chemicals can damage your hair.

Opt for a haircut you can manage

Shorter hairdos look trendy and are the perfect summer cut. They are easy to manage and maintain too. Did you know that hair tends to grow faster in the summer, so you can actually take that chance and get a nice stylish cut? If you are not the one who wants to do away with the long tresses, then consider tying your hair into a loose ponytail or just roll it into a bun so that you limit the damage.

Limit oiling your tresses

Do you love a good head massage? Most of us do, but in the summers restrict the head massages to once a week. Because of the hot weather, the oil tends to accumulate on the scalp because of the sweating, thus leaving it more prone to attract dirt and dust. It can also lead to the onset of dandruff and scalp pimples that can be painful. A good head massage with pure coconut oil once a week is sufficient during summers.

Always use a leave in product

This can be either a conditioner or a serum, and can help in smoothing out frizz. Use on damp, not dripping hair, for best results.However, remember that a lot of product can weigh the hair down, so use just a little and rub between your palms before applying. Try to find a product with built in UV filters. A hair spritz can help you control your hair on a bad day!

Just keep in mind that when there is too much exposure in the sun, it can cause your hair to get weak and brittle that also breaks easily. And yes, we do know that falling and breaking hair causes a good deal of heartbreak and stress, which in turn leads to more hair fall.

When you opt for good hair care, you will be blessed with healthy and beautiful tresses in a naturally yet inexpensive way. Following the steps mentioned above will guarantee a cool scalp and healthy hair that you can be proud of, while enjoying your summer at the same time.

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