Sunshine in the rains


The monsoons bring with it a host of body and hair challenges; body aches, skin breakouts – pimples, blackheads andacne, fungal infections, skin allergies, dandruff, itchy scalp, frizzy hair, the list is endless! While accepting the way your hair and skin naturally are, damage can be controlled by being aware and taking some extra seasonal care. (Yes, it is a myth that skin needs no care in monsoon).

Here are a few easy yet valuable tips to tackle the monsoon bluesand prevent you from looking “all washed out”!


Twice a day bathing (with a natural bath bar and warm water of course) is essential during the rains since due to excessive sweating but inadequate evaporation, body salts stick to the skin. This can cause skin infections or eruptions. Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial natural bathing barswith neem, lavender, lemon etc essential oils can be used. Avoid “luxury soaps” with animal fats and commercial toxic lathering agents and synthetic perfumes. Remember your skin absorbs upto 70% of what you apply on it.

  • Contrary to the much advertised use of talcum powders and anti-perspirants, avoid their use completely. Both have been researched as carcinogens (cancer causing). A simple Himalayan Rock salt bath bar can replace the antiperspirant; destroying bacteria and odour without blocking the pores. Pure Organic Rose water with a pinch of borax powder can also be applied on dry showered skin to fight bad odour and as a precaution against fungal infections
  • Fungal infections:During the rains, there is a tendency to develop fungal infections in body folds(common fungal-prone areas – armpits, groin and between toes) and athlete’s footdue to the friction of skin against damp clothing.The key lies in keeping your body clean and dry. Thoroughly dry yourself immediately after getting drenched in the rains.Common sense also dictates the best prevention strategy would be to ensure that all laundered clothes dry out fully before you wear them and to always wear dry footwear. Damp apparel can lead to fungal infections and colds.Avoid synthetic fabrics instead wear light cotton clothes. Ayurvedic traditions also advise drying clothes and homes with Herbal Dhoop(incence powder blends)fumes of anti-bacterial fragrant resins and herbs like loban, sambrani, dry neem leaves etc.A freshly prepared paste of turmeric, neem and sesame seeds is an age-old Ayurvedic remedy for fungal infection between toes.

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