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In our earlier post we spoke about five options that one must maintain to ensure good hair care in the summer. You can read about it here. In this second post, we’ll give you more tips on how to take care of your lovely tresses this summer and protect it from damage of the harsh sun and heat.

Rinse hair immediately after a swim

Yes, we know that swimming is one of the most cooling activities in the summer, but the bad news is that the chlorine in swimming pools and high salt concentration in sea water are harmful for hair. So if you do step out for a splash in the pool or the sea, ensure that you wash your hair thoroughly to avoid any damage to your hair. You can also protect your hair with a swimming cap to ensure the damage is lesser.

Avoid heat styling

Just as the sun’s heat can harm your hair, so can the heat from styling tools like blow dryers, flat irons and curling rods that can cause potential damage. Avoid these or if you cannot use them very sparingly. The heat generated from these machines can make your hair very dry, frizzy and brittle and can cause a lot of hair fall. It is important that you choose to dry your hair naturally so that there is no damage caused to your hair.

Keep yourself hydrated

Keeping your body hydrated in the summer is vital to healthy hair and skin. Be sure to drink lots of water and have a diet that comprises of fruits and vegetables that are loaded with high water content. True health has to come from within, so stay away from processed foods and added sugar.

Brush and do a cold rinse

It goes without saying that you’ll be using cool water for your bath, so be sure that you rinse your hair in cold water, especially since your water tank will have a tendency to heat up during summer. Also, use a wide toothed hair comb or hair brush to comb your hair. This will reduce the breakage and keep your hair smooth and shiny and also help to release the dirt on your scalp. Choose brushes with natural bristles and use wooden combs for frizz free locks.

Use Cooling Hair Packs

At least once a week pamper your tresses with a cooling hair pack that you can make at home. There are loads of ingredients that you can use to make your own hair mask and apply it for at least 30 minutes to restore heath and nourishment to your hair. It is easy to make your own hair mask. Here is a quick recipe to make your own hair mask

The Yogurt Mask

Whisk 1/2 cup of sour cream or plain yogurt very well and massage it into damp hair and let sit for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water, followed by cool water, then shampoo hair as you normally would. You can use this mask every week.

Bananas and Oils

Another easy to do mask is the banana and oils mask. Blend two ripe bananas very smoothly and add to it one tablespoon each of honey, olive oil and coconut oil. Apply this mask on your scalp and let it stay for at least 10 minutes. Wash off with warm water and follow up with an organic shampoo if required.

When you choose products for hair care ensure that you opt for products that are natural and organic since these will not cause any damage to your hair. Since your hair is already subject to the harshness of the summer sun, it’ll be more vulnerable to chemicals. And the best option is to stick to home remedies and natural products that will let your hair breathe!

Products with coconut oil or coconut milk are good options, being traditionally known to nourish hair. Also products with SPF will offer some degree of protection from the harsh sun.

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