Summer and Ayurveda


As temperature hits its highest this summer, we all are on constant search for cooling ourselves; carbonated and bottled drinks become preferable and easily available option. But is it really going to help? Well… Ayurveda ‘ A thousand year old vedic life science’ doesn’t approve its use as its not refreshing to the system.

To keep summer heat at the bay, Ayurveda suggests some natural remedies lets be benefited by some of them. The summer month generally aggravates pitta (One of the three constituents – Doshas of the body, others being vata and Kapha). Indigestion, hyperacidity, Skin problems, irritability are the main symptoms of the aggravated pitta.

Here are some dos and don’ts for this summer:

Be hydrated

First and foremost thing is to consume a lot of water. You need to drink at least six litres of water in a day to keep your body hydrated. You can add fresh juices, fruits and veggies with high water content too to ensure adequate hydration. Many of us can not start our work without steaming hot cup of coffee but caffeine causes dehydration and leads to toxin build up, hence better to avoid it.

Watch what you eat

Though tangy and spicy food is very tempting for our taste buds and comprises most of our food intake; Ayurveda doesn’t approve spices for summer days. Instead go for fruits, leafy vegetables salads. Did you know that cucumber and mint salad can be also very cooling and can help you beat the heat in summer? Opt for light foods and grill your veggies when you eat. It had more nutritional value!

Look beautiful 

Sun damage can dry and wrinkle skin with unwanted dark spots. Yes, you need to use sunscreen but only after assessing the need as chemicals in sunscreen penetrates the skin and leads to the more negative effects. You also will need to choose between a sunblock and a sunscreen depending on the activity you indulge in the summer. Wash your face when you come from outside. Ofcourse tips for healthy food mentioned above helps to keep your skin glowing.

Wear right 

Wearing protective clothing to avoid sunburns is the best practice. Natural fabric such as silk and preferably cotton is recommended which absorbs the sweat and dry out quickly. Light colours such as, white, sky blue, light green are recommended as they reflect and not absorb the sun rays.

Other things to keep in mind for summer are to avoid heavy exercises. Even if you are a yoga practitioner go more for asanas like triangle pose, tree pose which helps to release store heat. Closing  your eyes while exercising or anytime intermittently helps a lot. Even while doing Pranayama instead of heat generating forceful pranayama like kapalbhati and ujjayi go for sheetali. Be near water. Swimming is the best way to cool your system. Do you know of easy ways to cool down in the summer? Leave a comment and let us know! We will publish the best tips in our social medias. 

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