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It is unlikely that any season in India is as welcomed with open arms as the monsoon season. After spending months in the sweltering summer, not to mention the head and humidity that may have accompanied it, the monsoons are bliss. The monsoon is a breath of fresh air when the dust and heat is washed away. It is wonderful to watch the as the brown earth turns green, cooling everyone’s mind and body.

But monsoons also brings with it illnesses that are mostly waterborne. With the sudden decrease in the temperature and the weather, your body is more susceptible to illnesses. The sudden change in weather results in decreased immunity, making everyone vulnerable to infections of all kinds. Malaria and other mosquito borne diseases are extremely common during this season. Other water borne diseases like typhoid and gastro enteritis are some of the most commonly seen illness in the season. Common colds and coughs can be one of the most easily caught diseases with the low immunity and the changing weather.

In this two part post, we will introduce you 10 easy ways to get rid of the common cold and cough that is pretty much a fixture in the rainy seasons. These easy remedies can take care of an illness at the comfort of your home.

1. Inhale Steam

Steam inhalation is a great way to relieve blocked sinuses and feels really good when one is feeling under the weather. All you need is a bowl of very hot water with steam and a large towel. Place your face at a safe distance over the bowl with the steam rising up to your face and cover your head completely with the towel, so that the steam does not escape. Inhale the steam and feel it loosening up your congestion.

2. Stay Hydrated

Though you might not feel like it, it is imperative to stay hydrated when you have a cold and your sinuses are congested. Staying hydrated helps to moisten your dry throat and helps you get rid of that nagging cough. Drink warm soups and gruels to provide comfort to your throat and stay away from aerated drinks, coffee or other caffeinated drinks which are diuretic.

3. Blow your Nose the Right Way

Everyone blows their nose to unblock it, but very few do it the right way. Blowing too hard or sniffling air inwards can aggravate the condition. The right way is to hold one nostril with your finger and gently blow through the other nostril. Repeat on the opposite side. Blowing right can unblock your nose and eases up your breathing.

4. Trust Thyme

Thyme is said to be soothing for coughs since it contains compounds that relax the tracheal muscles. A good way to utilize this herb is by steeping it in hot water and then drinking the concoction with honey.

5. Drink some Black Tea 

People naturally tend to prefer hot beverages when they’re ill, and tea is a good choice. However, to reap most of its benefits, it is advised to consume tea without milk and with a little crushed ginger and honey.

What are your favourite ways to get rid of the nagging cough and cold in the monsoons? Leave a comment and let us know! We’ll share the best answers in our social medias.

NOTE: Most of the illnesses are easy to treat at home helping you skip that visit to the doctor, unless the condition is very severe. In these circumstances, it is important that you visit a local physician and take treatment accordingly.

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